well now everything is going to change. Hope you can keep up!!

Catch me and you
Might just have a
Yourself Good girl.
But Am I who you're
Looking for?? Or
Am I just a toy??
You tell me. Here we go!!


17. Chapter 17

 Shelby POV 




 I woke up next to Michael but his back was turned to me. I ran my hand over his shoulder and to his stomach. He picked up my hand and moved it away from him. I propped myself up and pushed him. 

 "What's your problem with me?" I asked. 

 "What?" He asked.

 "Ever since I mentioned bringing Kyle to the doctor for his fever you have been a total dick to me." I said getting up and sitting on my feet. 

 "No I haven't." He denied

 "You're lying. You yelled at me when I mentioned it then when I got back you had an attitude and you won't even let me touch you." I told him.

 "Whatever Shelby." He said turning back over. 

 "See right now!! you have an attitude and you are arguing. What the hell Michael." I snapped. 

 "Just leave me alone right now Shelby." Michael snapped. 

 "Leave." I said 

 "What?" He asked 

 "Get the hell out. I'm tired of arguing and I'm not doing this around the kids." I told him. 

 "All because I told you not to bring him to the doctor." He said

 "No there is more than that. You just don't see it." I told him. 

 "Wow." He rolled his eyes.

 "I'm starting to think you don't even think that you want to be married to me anymore." I said. 

 "Don't ever say that again." Michael growled. 

 "Well, Isn't it true." I yelled. 

 "No. I married you because I loved you." He said and kissed my cheek.

 "Yea okay." I said and pushed his hand away from me. "I expect you to be gone before tonight."

 I got out of bed and walked to the closet and pulled on some shorts and a tank top. I walked into the kids room and they were sleeping. I turned up their baby monitors and walked out letting them sleep. 


 It's been hours since I heard the kids cry so I walked to their room and picked up Kylie. She stretched and turned to my chest. I laid her back into her crib and picked up Kyle. 

 His body fell limp in my arms. I freaked out and did everything to try and wake him up but he didn't. I put my hand on his forehead and checked for a pulse also. Nothing. I put him into his crib and fell to the floor crying and screaming for Michael. 

 Kylie began screaming and Michael ran into the room. He picked up Kylie and sat down with me. 

 "Baby, What happened?" He asked pulling me to his chest. I cried as I tried to speak and say Kyle but nothing came out. I just shook my head and pointed to his crib. Kylie was set into my arms and he picked him up. 

 Michael didn't move. He stood there with Kyle held tight in his arms. How could anything get any worse today?

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