well now everything is going to change. Hope you can keep up!!

Catch me and you
Might just have a
Yourself Good girl.
But Am I who you're
Looking for?? Or
Am I just a toy??
You tell me. Here we go!!


16. Chapter 16

 Shelby POV 


 "Hey baby. Please go back to sleep. I'm so tired." I smiled while standing over Kyle's crib with a stuffed giraffe in my hand. I made silly faces and he just cried. I tried everything. I picked him up, I changed him, I fed him and played with him and he still won't sleep. 

 I picked him up and walked around the room humming. He cried and cried. I groaned and walked back to our room and sat on the bed. Michael moaned and sat up. 

 "the hell?" He mumbled

 "He wouldn't sleep. No matter what I tried." I sighed. He fell back onto the bed and I looked at the time. 6:00 AM. I laughed and hit Michael. 

 "You have work in like one hour. So get your ass up." I smiled and he groaned.

 "Michael Gordon Clifford if you don't I will get Luke over here." I warned and he got up. "Shower, now. You are smelling something fierce." I coughed. 

 "It's called manlyness." He smiled

 "It's called rotten eggs now go." I said and kept rocking Kyle. After a few hours Finally got him to sleep and put him back in his crib. 




 "Michael, I think We need to bring him to the doctor." I shouted to michael while I brushed my teeth. He poked his head out of the shower curtain. 

 "Why? He isn't running fever." He said

 "No but he hasn't been sleeping. Maybe something is wrong." I told him.

 "That's doubtful." He shouted

 "I don't know, I just feel like something is wrong. and momma isn't wrong." I smiled. 

 "oh so you're momma now?" He said stepping out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. 

 "Yes but only for my babies." I laughed

 "Well then I'm one of your babies." He smirked. I laughed and walked out the bathroom and he slapped my ass. I smiled and walked out. 


 "Come one baby. I don't care what daddy says. I'm gonna bring you to the doctors." I said to kyle while I buckled him into his car seat beside Kalie. I got into the drivers seat and played 5sos. That is the only music they will listen to other than that they cry. 

 I pulled up to the doctors and grabbed both of them and walked inside. I checked in and sat down in the waiting room. We sat there for about 30 minutes until I was called to the back. 

 "Okay what's wrong with the little guy?" The doctor asked and picked up Kalie.

 "Well, first that's a girl." I laughed and took Kalie and gave him Kyle. 


 "Okay, Kyle should be okay but if he doesn't sleep tonight bring hm back to me in the morning and I'll check one more time. Just to be sure." He said . I nodded and went back to the house.

 "Where have you been?" Michael asked when I walked in.

 "I took Kyle to he doctors" I told him

 " I told you he was fine." Michael argued

 "Well, I'd like a professional opinion. Now I don't really feel like arguing so I'm going to put the kids to sleep." I sighed and walked upstairs. 

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