well now everything is going to change. Hope you can keep up!!

Catch me and you
Might just have a
Yourself Good girl.
But Am I who you're
Looking for?? Or
Am I just a toy??
You tell me. Here we go!!


12. Chapter 12

 Shelby POV 

 I landed on the bed and squealed. Michael walked out of the bathroom and looked at me. 

 "What the fuck is wrong with you." He laughed with a his shirt over his shoulder. I smiled and ran to him and jumped in his arms. 

 "Well let me tell you my beautiful husband, that I have a lot of problems." I laughed and kissed him as I held myself up with my legs wrapped around his waist. 

 "You know I always it would've been Luke that got Married first but I'm glade I got you." He smiled then bit his lip. 

 "Baby, dye my hair." I told him. 

 "What? Why?" He asked. I shrugged. "Okay." He smiled. 

 We went to the store and got hair dye and went back to the room. A few hours later my hair was light purple and silverish. 

 "You look so damn hot right now." Michael smirked. 

 "Thank you." I smiled and hopped onto the bed. I sat on his lap and took a deep breath. Michael pulled out his phone and started taking pictures so I made stupid faces and we laughed. 

 I sighed then got excited. 

 "I have an Idea. Let's go out and drink." I smiled and straddled him. "Get wasted, have a little fun." I bit my lip.

 "Hell yes." He pulled me down on him. 


 After a few hours of getting ready I was in a tight strapless dress that came up mid thigh. My hair was curled and I had on black pumps. Michael had on black skinny jeans, a green day t shirt and a flannel on his waist. 

 "Hey hottie. You ready?" I called to Michael. 

 "Yep let's go." HE said and we walked out 


 We pulled up to the club and we were put into the VIP section. I ordered a bottle of vodka and a bottle of ciroc. As soon as it got there I opened the vodka and chugged it. Michael opened the ciroc and chugged it along with me. 


 I woke up in so much pain. I groaned and hit michael's arm and he hissed. He sat up and looked at me. His eyes went wide and he started to laugh. 

 "You have a...... a little....... you have lip piercing. A tattoo too." He laughed. I jumped out of bed and ran to mirror to see a black ring in my lip and a white cloth tapped to my arm. I also noticed I was naked. I grabbed a towel and cover myself. 

 "There's nothing you can cover that I haven't seen." He laughed. 

 "You have a piercing too and apparently a tattoo." I smiled. Michael looked to see a white cloth on his arm and looked in the mirror to see his eyebrow piercing.  

 "Hey, but you look fucking hot." I told Michael. He turned around and gave a stare. 

 "Look, you aren't the only one who has a problem. Ashton is going to kill me." I told him. "So for not jus fucking kiss me. Now." I told him. He walked over and pulled to his chest and kissed me hard. He pushed me down onto the bed and crawled on top of me. 

 My phone rang and Luke's picture showed up. I quickly answered. 

 L- Hey shel

 S- Luke, I'm kinda busy and I need to go

 L- what are you possibly doing 

 S- Luke I have to go 

 L- Ohhhh I know exactly what you are doing

 S- yeah goodbye Luke

 I hung up the phone and threw it too the side. 

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