well now everything is going to change. Hope you can keep up!!

Catch me and you
Might just have a
Yourself Good girl.
But Am I who you're
Looking for?? Or
Am I just a toy??
You tell me. Here we go!!


10. Chapter 10

 Shelby POV

 Today was the day. I'm due any minute now. At the moment I am sitting on the couch scarfing down some pancakes and chocolate milk while watching the fault in our stars. 

 I began to cry when Hazel pulled into the gas station for Gus then Niall and Zayn walked in with two BIG bags. They fell onto the couch and looked at me with a curious face.

 "So what did you get?" I asked them.

 "Just clothes and baby clothes and toys." They stated. I nodded and struggled to get up. When I finally did I put away my dishes and put on my shoes. I grabbed my purse and keys and walked to the door. 

 "Where are you going?" Zayn said alarmed. 

 "To the hospital." I said and they both began to panic. I laughed and walked to the car. Nial drove while zayn sat in the back with me. 

 "Guys it's my second kid I've got this by now." I said masking the pain I was in. We pulled up to the hospital and I was rushed to the back.

 "Niall, make sure Luke can't come see me please." I begged him before i was pushed away and into the delivery room.


 "Um, Shelby we have some possible good and bad news for you." the nurse walked in with a small board and needles. 

 "And that is??!!" I snapped 

 "There isn't just one baby." She said 

 "So what twins, okay get them out!!" I yelled trying to deal with the death like pain. 

 "No, Four kids. You are having four kids." She said. Suddenly all of the pain went away and I was shocked.

 "Are you sure?" I asked. She nodded slowly and all of the pain was back. I screamed and she sat me up and gave me an epidural. 

 Michael came into the room with the doctor and grabbed my hand. 

 "Ready?" He asked. I slowly nodded. 


 10 Hours of labor later I'm holding two kids and Michael holding the other two. Four girls, Four. Everyone was here except Luke and I was happy with that. I didn't want him here. 

 Michael's name went on all of the birth certificates so that's what they will know as their father is Michael. The girls' names are Rose,Kierstin, Ivory and my personal favorite Tris. 

 Everyone was now holding the girls while the nurse checked on me and I got food. 


 I was released from the hospital and I was now at home with the kids while the guys were hanging out. Rose was in her highchair crying along with ivory who was in her play pin crying. Tris was sleeping and kierstin was watching cartoons. Logan was playing with his toys in his room. 

 I poured some cereal out for rose and picked up ivory as I got juice and chips out for Logan. I called him down and started to feed to girls and try to get them to sleep. 

 30 minutes later they were all asleep. Rose, Kierstin, and Tris all together in a crib and Ivory in my arms. Michael came through the doors followed by the boys. 

 "If you wake them up I will murder each one of you slowly while you sleep." I warned them. Michael came over and kissed me. Luke got mad and fell onto the couch causing Tris to wake up and cry. 

 "Get the fuck out." I snapped and he left. I grabbed Tris but she wouldn't stop crying. I gave her to Michael and she immediately stopped. 

 "Well now I know which one is a dad's girl." I said and sat down rubbing Ivory's back. 

 "they are twins and you dressed them the same. Really?" Michael joked. 

 "This one is rose, kierstin, tris and Ivory. it's not that hard." I said and Michael shook his head. "Now everyone grab a kid and put them in their highchairs." I said and they did. 

 "Ivory in yellow, Rose in red, Tris in black and Kierstin in purple." I said and put food down for the girls. 

 "How do you do that?" Calum asked. 

 "It's a natural thing cal pal" I said. My phone began ringing, It's Morgan, my friend from work. 

 M- Hey Shel, Do you mind watching Bay for me please. I just got called in lat minute?

 S- Yeah no problem.

 M- thanks , I owe you one

 We hung up and there was a knock at my door. I opened it and let Bay in. Morgan waved then left. 

 I walked back into the kitchen and saw bay eating. I nodded and told the boys to watch the girls while I took a nap. Oh god I'm terrified.


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