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Catch me and you
Might just have a
Yourself Good girl.
But Am I who you're
Looking for?? Or
Am I just a toy??
You tell me. Here we go!!


1. Chapter 1

 Who's gonna be the one?? I'm trying.

 Shelby POV 

 It's been 6 years since I've seen you. I had the baby and He looks so much like you. I named him Logan james leigh. He's 6. I moved to Mississippi and I'm doing pretty good. 

 I'm a famous writer now, have you read any of my books? I've poured the last 6 years of life into my last 6 books. I'm working on another one now and I'm trying hard not to forget everything and give up. Every time I see that baby I think of everything I've ever let go of, Everything I've lost, Everything that there is to come. 

 One of the most famous questions that I get asked if who is gonna be the one? and My answer to that is, I'm trying, I'm trying so hard but I just don't know if I can do it anymore.

  I miss you.

 I hit the button to the recorder and broke down into tears. I put my head in my hands and mumbled to myself. I've changed everything about me. My hair my look and even  what I wear. I have dirty blonde hair, I got some work done and GOt bigger boobs and a smaller stomach, I wear nothing but prada and some old 5sos clothes.

 My office phone started ringing. I wiped my tears and answered. 

 "Hi, This is Shelby Leigh. How can I help?" I said. 

 "Shelby, It's Mark. (My editor/ Manager/ assistant)" I heard him say. 

 "Hey." I said 

 "Look, You don't sound in the mood to talk right now but I have to handle this." He said 

 "No, GO ahead I'm ready. one hundred precent." I said and straightened up my things. 

 "Okay, So the sales for your last book just increased 75%. You are every where. Mainly twitter and instagram. Everyone loves you and these books. SO what we need to do is book more interviews and press conferences. Also we need book signings, met and greets and merchandise. May people have tweeted you  about any merchandise with quotes or anything on them so what I thought was that we  could have a contest, public of course, for merchandise designs and such. I've been working on the interviews, press conferences, and book signings. You have to go for the contest and met and greets. Your schedule will be very packed so you will need to get someone to take care of Logan and you need to get to work on that book. My ass is on the line and I'm close to being fired right now so you need to crack down on this." He told me. I took notes and got numbers and everything I would be needing. 

 We went over a few things and then hung up. I started working on a few things and booked a few interviews. I only had one phone call left and it was for a radio interview. It was bbc radio. that would mean I have to fly there!!!

 "Hi, BBC radio, this is Megan how may I help you? " I heard a lady say 

 "Hi, I'm Shelby leigh, I was wondering if you had any radio interview slot open?" I said 

 "Oh, Hi, I know you, everyone does. Um could you hold for a few minutes and I'll go ahead and check for you and let you know when we can get you in." She said

 "Yeah sure." I said and it was silent. I put the phone on speaker and started to write. After a while the phone came on. 

 "Hi, Shelby, Are you still there?" I heard Megan say. 

 "Yes, I am." I said 

 "is it possible we could get you in here next week around thursday?" She asked. 

 "Umm, Yes of course. Thank you so much." I said 

 "No problem, We here at BBC radio look forward to having you. Thank you so much for choosing us. Have a great day." Megan said and we hung up. I called Mark and told him about the interviews I had and he was very excited. So far I have 5 radio, 2 press, 4 tv, 7 met and greets, 7 book signings, and I have some people lined up for the contest.


 I was at BBC now. I checked in with Megan and she showed me to the studio I would be in. I thanked her and sat down. 

 "The radio personel will be here shortly. If you need anything let me know and I'll be glad to help." She smiled

 "Umm, Where's the restroom?" I asked and we laughed. 

 "Down the hall, it's like the only door back there." She said and I nodded. I passed a few radio studios and went into the bathroom. I walked out and the front of my shirt was covered it what smelt like hot chocolate but looked like shit. 

 I gaged and slapped my hand over my mouth. I shook my head and went back into the bathroom. I threw up a few times. I walked out and noticed my shit. It was Ashton's old 5sos tank. I wiped my eyes and shook my head. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I burst into tears and dropped to the floor. Mark came over and asked what happened. 

 "My shirt. It was his and now it's ruined!!!!" I yelled. 

 "It's okay, Well fix it I promise, Look we have people waiting for you. come on." He said and helped me clean up. I walked into the studio and the interview started. 

 "Alright listeners guess who we have here. Yeah you heard me we have the Shelby leigh here." The lady said really happy. 

 "Hi Guys!!" I yelled into the mic. 

 "So, let's get own and dirty. We all know your history with the band that won't be named. But tell us all, are the books really about your times with them or are we just insane?" She asked

 "Well, Obviously everyone know's I've had a falling with the band and most of you should know I miss them so much and that I would do anything to get them back or just see them again. I've had a hard time getting over it all, I'm still having hard times so I poured the last few years into these books and at the time I had something to keep my mind away from the memories and them but it doesn't feel the same as it used to and I don't know what to do anymore. For all of you guys waiting for my next book to come out I promise I'm working hard and it will be out soon I just go through the process." I said.

 "Wow, That sounds like something in your book." She laughed. "So speaking of all of this we have a present for you." She said I was confused. Right at the that moment. The boys walked through the door. I ran straight to Calum and Michael. I hugged them tight and started crying. 

 "Hey baby girl." Michael said. The radio went on break for a while. I started breathing heavy and Mark came running in and sat me down. He gave me my inhaler and a glass of water. 

 "Calm please. You know what happens. Logan's here if you need him." He whispered and I nodded. Logan came running in. He hopped on my lap and hugged me. 

 "MOMMY!!" He yelled. 

 "Hey baby." I kissed his forehead. 

 "Are you okay mommy? You're crying." He said and wiped my tears. I smiled and kissed his cheek. 

 "I'm not okay baby, But now that your here I'm perfect." I said and he laughed. I started to tickle him. He laughed and then ran off. 

 "Bye mommy, I love you." He yelled

 "I love you too baby." I yelled back. 

 "So, that's your son, What's his name?" Calum asked. 

 "Logan james leigh." I smiled. 

 "He's gonna be a handsome kid." Luke said

 "I hope not. I don't want him to break any girls heart. I want him to be himself, not what everyone else wants." I said. 

 "So umm, your boobs are bigger." Calum said and michael and luke smacked him. 

 "No, it's okay. They aren't real. I got work done hoping to start new. everything." I said laughed. Calum kept looking and we finished up the interview. 


 "Logan, What do you want to do?" I asked sitting on the couch with the boys. 

 "Sing to me mommy." He said and sat next to me. I looked at the boys. 

 "Please." He begged. 

 "fine. " I sighed. The boys joined in after a while.

 I don't even like you,

 Why'd you want to go and make me feel this way?
 And I don't understand what's happened,
 I keep saying things I never say.

 I can feel you watching even when you're nowhere to be seen,
 I can feel you touching even when you're far away from me.

 Tell me where you're hiding your voodoo doll 'cause I can't control myself,
 I don't wanna stay, wanna run away but I'm trapped under your spell.
 And it hurts in my head and my heart and my chest,
 And I'm having trouble catching my breath. 


 Won't you please stop loving me to death?

 I don't even see my friends no more
 'Cause I keep hanging out with you
 I don't know how you kept me up all night
 Or how I got this tattoo

 I can feel you watching even when you're nowhere to be seen
 I can feel you touching even when you're far away from me

 Tell me where you're hiding your voodoo doll 'cause I can't control myself,
 I don't wanna stay, wanna run away but I'm trapped under your spell.
 And it hurts in my head and my heart and my chest,
 And I'm having trouble catching my breath


 Won't you please stop loving me to death?

 Every time you're near me
 Suddenly my heart begins to race,
 Every time I leave
 I don't know why my heart begins to break

 Tell me where you're hiding your voodoo doll 'cause I can't control myself,
 I don't wanna stay, wanna run away but I'm trapped under your spell.
 And it hurts in my head and my heart and my chest,
 And I'm having trouble catching my breath



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