The Not-So Little Crush | larry stylinson au|

Harry Styles is a famous radio host along side with Celeste Wilson. What will happen when they spill the juice on Doncaster Rover Louis Tomlinson? What will happen when Louis finds out?


2. ||02|| Phone Calls and Heavy Packages



Six hours has passed away in my flat. And I’m on the news. I mean, literally!


“Louis Tomlinson has been out with a new lady today. Sources has it that her name is Eleanor Calder. She is a model and boy, is she pretty. Anyways, they were seen leaving a hotel earlier today. Lord knows what they’ve been doing.”


“Radio personalities Harry Styles and Celeste Wilson give away the major news about Louis Tomlinson and his new leading lady, Eleanor Calder.”


“Breaking news: Louis Tomlinson with yet, another woman. Will Eleanor Calder be able to hold him down?”


“Eleanor Calder: Louis Tomlinson’s new girlfriend or another one-night stand?”


Aaahh! I hate news sources. That’s why I barely do interviews. Bloody hell! My phone rang and I picked it up.




“Louis, it’s Zayn. I just saw the news.” Phew! I thought management was gonna call me.


“Good, Zayn! I know. I’m looking at it right now.”


“Dude, I thought you were gay?” He asked, questioning.


“Bro, I am!” I yelled into the phone, walking to the fridge. “Management did that bullshit! I can’t get out of it.”


“Damn, sorry for you man. I really am.”


“I’m sorry for myself.” I closed the door to the fridge after grabbing a bottled water. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”


“Who told everyone? Did you?”


“Hell to the no. Harry Styles and Celeste Wilson. They told everyone. And I guess the paps told them.”


“Well, if anybody was to tell it, let it be them.”


“Yeah, at least they don’t stretch out the truth. Like CNN does.”


“CNN does not stretch the truth. They just say what they hear. Umm..I gotta go. Perrie is calling me.”


“Of course. I’ll talk to you later?”


“Yeah. Bye bro.”


“Bye.” After that little conversation, I went into my bedroom and fell asleep.






“Well, that’s all for today! Be sure to tune in for tomorrow’s show at 7:00 AM sharp!”


“Yeah, we’re doing secret admirers day tomorrow. Who will get one? Me? Or Mr. Styles over here?”


“Well, until tomorrow! Bye guys! Be safe!”


Well, that show was interesting. I wonder how tomorrow is gonna go. It’s only 10:50 AM and I’m pooped out!


I got in my car and started to drive home. I went to the store and picked up a few things before I got home. I get out the car, I see a package outside my door. I walked around it, unlocked the door, and placed my things on the couch.


I walked back outside and grabbed the package. It was kinda heavy when I picked it up. I put the package on the couch once I got inside. I closed the door and went to the table to open the mysterious package that was on the porch.


It had a note across the top.




Dear Harry Styles,


We just want to thank you for sponsoring us at our games the past couple weeks. To show you our appreciation, we’ve given you a special package. We hope that you enjoy it. Thanks for the support!



The Doncaster Rovers xx



I opened up the box and there was loads of things inside. A football signed by all the members, loads of tickets for the games and my very own Doncaster Rovers jersey, #1.


I smiled looking at it. And I still can’t believe it. With so much little stuff in here, I can’t believe that it was heavy. I was going to throw the box away until I saw another small package in there, from Louis Tomlinson?


I opened it, and it was a letter. He must had a lot to say, because it was a few short paragraphs. I started reading.


“Dear Harry,


I know that you know me as Louis Tomlinson, the heart-throb. But I’m really not. I have a confession that I think I can only tell you, because you actually deal with it.


I want to tell you about my sexual orientation. I’m not straight. I’m gay. And I don’t really tell anybody, because I don’t want to ruin the reputation of the Rovers or my family in jeopardy. My management, Modest!, is making me keep my secret by giving me a girlfriend, in this case, Eleanor Calder.


I mean, she is beautiful and everything, and I would date her. IF I was straight. But I don’t really like her, in any form or fashion.”


Why would he be telling me this?


“You might be wondering ‘Why does you being gay have to do with me?’ Well, it does involve you.


I, Louis William Tomlinson, am in love with you, Harry Something Styles.  I don’t know your middle name. Haha! But, that doesn’t matter. I’ve had a major crush on you ever since you first started your talk show in the mornings.  You and Celeste have the best personalities I know of! And I’m a big fan of your show. And I would like to be able to do an interview with you and photo opps with you too.”


That was the end of the letter. But I can’t believe that Louis Tomlinson had a crush on me. It sounds so surreal. Man! It’s gonna be hard for me to sleep tonight. I need to call someone now.




“Mum, I need to talk to you.”

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