Vanessa was an ordinary girl she did ordinary things and live her life the way she wanted to. But when her family is forced to part she meets certain people that she never expected to meet again.


7. You always make me feel better

Vanessa's P.O.V

I ran. I didn't know where else to go I just needed to run. Run away from everything. Run away from Michael, run away from Montana. But I knew the only place where I could be safe. Luke's house. I ran up to the door and knocked. I was a sobbing mess and about three minutes later. Luke opened the door.

"Vanessa what's-" I cut him off by hugging him. I just really needed a hug and he gave the best hugs. I cried into his shoulder as he rubbed my back. "Cmon lets go inside" Luke said as I calmed down a bit. I nodded and he led me inside not letting go of my hand. We walked up the stairs to his room and we sat down on his bed, well I mean I wanted to but he put me on his lap.

"What happened?" Luke added once I was on his lap.

"W-well Mi-Michael and I we-were walking ar-around dow-downtown and we-we were ac-actually hav-having a good time until Montana just has to come and ruin everything" I stuttered. I started to cry again, it's just so unfair. She gets everything and I don't even know what I did to her. She just genuinely hates me.

"Vanessa look at me" Luke said taking my chin and making me face him. "She's just jealous"

"What could she possibly be jealous of? I'm stupid, I don't have family, I don't have anything and she has everything so what could she possibly be jealous of?"

"Well you're pretty, you're smart, and you're strong" he chuckled.

"You really think I'm all of those things?" I asked blushing.

"I don't think, I know" he smiled. I smiled back. See this is why I loved Luke so much, he always know the best way to make me smile no matter what. I leaned in a hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks Lukey" I said ruffling his hair a little bit.

"No problem, it just makes me happy to know that your happy" he smiled. "Okay so Netflix and pizza?"

"You always know how to make me happy" I giggled. He smiled at me before getting his laptop and taking out his phone to order a pizza.


"Oh shit I have to make a video!" Luke said jumping up from the bed that we were currently cuddling on while watching Netflix off of his laptop.

"Ok that's cool, I'll just leave" I said getting off of the bed as well. You see Luke was a YouTuber and was quite popular, I'm pretty sure he has like 400,000 subscribers, but his videos are quite entertaining.

"No, no, no stay we can make a video together!" he said excitedly, but I was actually the exact opposite of what he was feeling. See I'm kinda shy and for all of his 400,000 subscribers is kinda nerve racking for me, but since he's my best friend I did it.

"Um, okay" I said biting my lip. It's a nervous habit that I do, I don't know where I got it but I do it anyway.

"Yay!" he said clapping his hands together. "Great now we can do the best friend tag or something like that"

"Alright but what do I do? What do I say? What if I mess up?" I asked nervously.

"It's okay if you mess up we can edit it out when I edit my video" he smiled.

"Ok" I smiled back.

"Okay now come sit" he said. We sat in little chairs in front of his futon/bed thing and he set up the camera in front of us.

"Okay so you can go stand over there and then come over here when I tell you, okay?" he said, I nodded and stood behind the camera.

"Hey guys it's Luke and welcome to my bedroom" he started making a little peace sign to the camera "so today I thought it would be fun to let you guys know about my past and what better way to do that then use my best friend Vanessa!" he said motioning me to come over. I walked over to my spot and sat down.

"Um hey guys" I said and I awkwardly waved at the camera.

"Okay so this is my best friend Vanessa, we've known each other since elementary school and we've stayed friends since then, so Vanessa why don't you introduce yourself" he smiled at me.

"Um okay well as you know I'm Vanessa, Luke's best friend and like he said we've been friends since elementary and stayed friends since then. I'm really just your regular girl, I like music and hate school so yeah there's really nothing you need to know about me" I spoke. It was kinda weird talking into a camera but I knew that 400,000 people would be watching this so I just tried my best to copy what Luke did.

"Okay so now we are gonna be doing the best friend tag so without further ado lets get started" Luke said giving a thumbs up to the camera. "Okay so do you wanna start or should I?" he asked me.

"Um you go first" I smiled.

We just asked each other a bunch of questions and stuff about our childhood/when we first became friends. And turns out I'm the better friend, duh.

"Okay so thank you guys so much for watching can we get this video up to 15,000 likes I would appreciate it so much. Bye!" he said and pulled up his shirt and blocked the lens with his stomach and turned off the camera.

"Yay you were in one of my videos!" Luke said happily as he turned around and hugged me.

"That was actually pretty fun" I admitted smiling.

"I knew you would have fun" he said poking my cheek.

"Can we go back to Netflix now?" I pouted.

"Okay" he said grabbing me and leading me over to his futon and lying down bringing me down with him. We cuddled for a while before he got his laptop and entered Netflix.

I don't even remember what we were watching but I fell asleep cuddled into Luke's arms forgetting all about the Michael and Montana situation. I was really lucky to have a friend like Luke cause he always made me smile and was always there for me. I loved Luke he was like the brother I never had.

Michaels P.O.V

"Montana I don't wanna do this anymore" I said after Vanessa had run away. I was starting to feel really bad for her I mean I get Montana hated her but why did I have to be brought up into it.

"Michael come on just a couple more days and then you'll be free I'll just do the rest" she pleaded. It just wasn't right I really liked Vanessa she was actually a pretty cool girl and wasn't like all the other girls that were starving for attention (ahem Montana ahem)

"No it's not right!" I stated.

"I don't care if it's not right shes a little butch and needs to pay for what she did!" she screamed.

"What did she even do? She's the sweetest person I know there's nothing bad she could've possibly done" I defended.

"You wanna know why I hate her so much?"

"Yes actually that's what I wanted to know this whole time"

"She's my sister"

BAM PLOT TWIST!!!! Okay first off I want to thank you guys so much for 2k reads! That's so amazing thank you so much! And be sure to go check out Luke Korns he is such an awesome YouTuber and go subscribe to him as well he's amazing! Okay that's really all I had to say thanks guys. Ily.

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