Vanessa was an ordinary girl she did ordinary things and live her life the way she wanted to. But when her family is forced to part she meets certain people that she never expected to meet again.


3. Michael s house

"So what do you want to eat?" Michael asked as we walked into his house.

"Pizza?" I asked smiling.

"Good cause that's kinda all we have" he said relived I giggled and followed him to the kitchen.

"So what kind of pizza do you want?"

"Surprise me" I said and took a seat at the kitchen counter

"Okay so you want a meat lovers?"

"That is literally my favorite kind pizza!" I said really excited

"Mine too!" Michael said and gave me a high-five

"Twinsies!" we yelled at the same time which made us laugh harder. Michael put the pizza in the oven and we sat on the couch and started watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. "You like this show?" I asked as he flipped to the channel.

"Hell ya" he said I just laughed and watched the rest of the show.

"So much for your bad boy rep" I said tgiggling.

"I am a bad boy" he glared.

"Yeah you keep telling yourself that" I said patting his back.

*Ding* "Pizzas ready!" I practically screamed.

"Oh my god I thought I was gonna die" Michael exhaled as he ran into the kitchen

"Of course you would have" I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes

"Hey we did a paper on extinction in science and what causes it and I put down extinction happens when you run out of pizza" he said and grabbed a slice and eating

"Well that is true no doubt about it" I said grabbing a slice myself and eating it, while Michael got up and took another chanting

"Michael wants another slice! Michael wants another slice! Michael wants another slice of pizza! Pizza! Piz-za!" As he was tapping the beat into the table I clapped and laughed at his little performance.


"Today was fun" I said as me and Michael headed for the door.

"Yeah we should do this again sometime"

"So you want me to walk with you to your place?"

"It fine I can just walk by myself" I said hoping that he won't see where I really live

"No it's fine I can walk with you" he insisted

"Are you sure?"

"Positive" he said with a smile as we started our walk to the orphanage.

  The walk to the orphanage was silent, we passed a bunch of illuminated buildings that looked really pretty at night. We reached the orphanage and Michael walked me up to the door "Thanks" I said "For everything" I reached for the door knob but something jerked me back, and I was chest to chest with Michael we just stared into each others eyes, and our lips slowly connected. I got it. Oh my god I couldn't believe it my first kiss. Our lips moved in sync I didn't want it to end but sadly it did. I pulled away with a smile and entered into the orphanage.

~the next day~

"So how was detention?" Luke asked me as we walked to the park. Today we ditched school cause I didn't get to spend time with him after school yesterday

"Good" I replied flatly not showing any emotion in my voice what so ever.

"Really?" he asked in disbelife

"Ok ok, well I met a friend his name Michael and-" Luke cut me off. 

"Wait the Michael?! Michael Clifford?!" he asked wide eyed.

"Yeah why?" I asked curious as to if his questions was a good or bad thing.

"He's the schools bad boy and he tricks girls into thinking that he loves them and when they've gotten into enough trouble he dumps them, he basically a heart breaker" he explained. 

"I don't think so he seems to sweet"

"Plus we have a lot in common like we both like pizza, TMNT" I said remembering everything that had happened from the day before and couldn't help but smile to myself at the thought of him. 

"How do you know?" Luke asked suspiciously

"I went over to his house yesterday after detention" 

"Did he do anything to you in any way" he asked really overprotective

"Well when he dropped me off I got my first kiss" I said smiling at the thought of Michael's lips on mine. It just didn't seem real

"Wait he kissed you?!" He asked shocked and raged but I didn't know what seemed to be the problem.

"Yeah, Luke chill I went to his house, we ate pizza and watched TMNT, when he dropped me off at the orphanage he kissed me. There that's all now will you please stop asking so we can eat?" I said

"Alright I'm sorry it's just that I don't want you to get hurt" he said with a frown

"Aww Lukey" I said and hugged him

"I'll be fine" I reassured him

"You don't need to worry about me" I said with a smile

"Okay well let's go get something to eat shall we" he asked and I nodded and we walked off to some pizza place.

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