Vanessa was an ordinary girl she did ordinary things and live her life the way she wanted to. But when her family is forced to part she meets certain people that she never expected to meet again.


1. just another day in the life of me

  Hi I'm Vanessa Banks, I'm 17 years old and have been in an orphanage for as long as I could remember. I have long dark brown hair, hazel eyes and tan skin. I have no friends or family just enemy's, well except for my best friend Luke Korns (yes I know he is a YouTuber). I have known him ever since we were kids, he was actually the first person to stand up for me when we were in grade 5 and he's been my best friend ever since.

  School. We all hate it but we have to go (yes I know this is from one of Matthew Espinosa's videos). I got a text from Luke saying.

L- Wake up sunshine 😘 I'll pick u up in 15 min b ready

V- Ugh 😒 I hate the people that invented school

L- Come on don't b like that 😞

V- Fine whatever c u in 15

  I got ready for school and wore my usual, black ripped skinny jeans, a flannel or 3/4 sleeve shirt, and a beanie. I'm not really one to look pretty so I just did my usual black eyeliner and mascara nothing much just plain and simple. I grabbed my phone, backpack, and penny board and headed down to the pantry to go get a pop tart and headed out the door.

It was 7:10 and I was just sitting on the steps of the orphanage waiting for Luke when I heard a car beep, I looked in the cars direction to see Montana Rays along with her group of Barbie dolls in the back of the car Cassia Martin and Elizabeth Peterson the richest and hottest girls in school. "Hey Reject!" Cassia called from the back seat. 

"What do you sluts want?" I called back to them.

"Aww look at that little orphan Annie is waiting for her parents that will never come" Montana said in her baby voice.

"Unlike you I'm not afraid to pick a fight."

 "Ooo in so scared" Elizabeth said pretending to sound terrified.

"Yeah you should be cause I'm gonna knock you right into the middle of next week" I said standing up. 

"Ha I would love to see you try" Cassia said. 

"Oh don't worry bitches I will" I said. 

"Later loser" Elizabeth said as they rode away. God I hate them. I sat down on the steps in front of the orphanage and took out my phone. I opened up Twitter and scrolled through my feed, random tweets stuff like that when I finally heard the sound that I've been waiting to hear all morning. The sound of penny board wheels on pavement. I stood up and looked at Luke and said "Well it took you long enough"

"Whatever" he said. 

"Come on let's get to school" I said as I hopped onto my penny board and we road to school like any other normal day.

  The day went by pretty fast and before I knew it I was looking for Luke in the cafeteria. I went outside and walked over to our tree but I was stopped by Montana and her little crew of Barbie dolls "Well, well, well look at what we have here" Montana said standing in front of me so I couldn't get past her. 

"What do you want?" I said in a sassy tone. 

"I don't like the attitude your giving me" she said through gritted teeth. 

"Oh well this is the attitude your gonna get" I said and before I knew it I felt a sharp pain on my left cheek.

"Is that all you got?!" I said punching her in the stomach, she tried to punch me back but I dodged it and kicked her in the shin as she yelped in pain. Before Montana could do anything else I felt something carry me away. 

"Excuse me what do you think your doing?! Put me down now!" I screamed. I looked over to see who was carrying me and I saw it was Luke "Luke what the hell?!" I screamed when he finally put me down. 

"I just saved your ass so your welcome" he said I just crossed my arms and rolled my eyes "Hey I just didn't want to se you get hurt" he said in a more mellow tone and pulled me into a hug and I just broke down crying. 

"Why does the world hate me?" I said in between sobs. 

"Not everyone."

 "Well my parents sure did, how do you think I ended up in that hell hole" I said referring to the orphanage. 

"Well I don't hate you."

 "Well yeah cause your like a brother to me."

"Hey I've got an idea" Luke said, I looked up at him "Why don't we skip all of the periods after lunch and just hang." 

"Now were talking" I said with a smile on my face. I'm so lucky to have a friend like him.

  When lunch finally ended me and Luke took the back exit out of the school and we headed to the skate park and skated for a couple of minutes. Once we got bored of doing that we just went to the mall and looked around for a while until I said "I'm hungry" and pouted. 

"Okay well what do you want to eat."


"Come on then." We rode to the nearest Chipotle. I ordered my usual and Luke ordered his, we took them both to go and we rode to the nearest park and ate under a big tree. We sat there for quite a while just talking and eating. It was now 5:30 and it was getting pretty late so I said "Hey it's getting pretty late so you wanna head out of here?"

"Yeah sure, but does that mean you have to go back to the orphanage?" Luke said with a sad look on his face I nodded. 

"Yeah sadly" I said looking at the ground.

"You know what I don't understand" Luke said as we walked out of the park. 


 "Why would anyone want to give up such a beautiful, smart, funny, loving girl like you?" He asked the fact that he called me all of those things made me blush.

"Well sometimes I like to think that I was from some foreign land, and I was given up because people were invading our land and ended up here" I said blushing and smiling shyly as I remembered some of my childhood memories "But we both know that those were just my imagination so yeah" I said looking at the ground while we walked out of the park. We both walked back to the orphanage in silence, but it wasn't an awkward silence it was more like a peaceful silence. As we neared the orphanage we started to talk some more "Thanks again for saving me at school today" I said reaching for his hand and intertwining our fingers. 

"No problem, like I said I don't want to see you get hurt" he said looking at me and smiling. 

"Well this is my stop" I said letting go of Luke's hand. 

"Alright well I'll pick you up tomorrow alright?"

"KK see ya later Lukey" I said reaching for the door handle. 

"K see ya later Princess" he said with a wave and I walked in. Well that's just another day in to life of me.

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