Vanessa was an ordinary girl she did ordinary things and live her life the way she wanted to. But when her family is forced to part she meets certain people that she never expected to meet again.


2. Detention

  This morning was like any other. I woke up, did my morning routine and waited for Luke to come pick me up. I treated today like I would any other. But today was special, I didn't know how it just was. I walked down to the steps and Luke was already there playing on his phone, so I took this chance to scare him. "Boo!" I screamed enough for him to jump "Ha gotcha!" I said pointing at him

"No you didn't I had the... Hiccups!" He said trying to cover up that I scared him

"You hesitated" I said grinning proudly. 

"Whatever lets just get to school" he said jumping onto his penny board, I mimicked his actions and we rode off to class.

"Vanessa Banks" the teacher called my name

"Yes" I replied

"What did you get for number 21 on the homework?" The teacher asked

"I got 58 squared" I said "That's correct" the teacher said writing on the board. I was silently listening to the teacher minding my own business when I felt something hit my back. I looked behind me and it was a note. I looked around to see if anyone was watching me, I opened the note and it said this word in big bold letters 'You're a stupid REJECT that nobody likes! You're such a SLUT' I looked around once more but no one seemed to be paying attention except for Montana, I watched as her hand shot up and the teacher called on her

"Yes Ms. Rays" the teacher said

"Vanessa is writing notes look" she said handing him a paper

"Ms. Banks I can assure you that this kind of language is not tolerated at school and for that you have detention" the teacher said walking over to his desk and taking out a detention slip

"But I didn't write that note I got one" I said looking around for the paper but couldn't find it anywhere

"Ms. Banks would you like to make that two days or just one" the teacher said

"One day sir" I mumbled "Thank you now may we continue with the lesson?" He asked I nodded as he gave me the pass.

  Well today couldn't get any worse. I walked into the cafeteria and looked for Luke. I walked outside and all I got was dirty looks. I guess they all saw what happened yesterday. Oh well I don't give a damn about my bad reputation. I walked over to Luke and I's tree and sat down, not long after I sat down Luke sat down next to me "Hey" Luke said


"So what's up in your life"

"Nothing much besides the fact that everywhere I go people are giving me dirty looks. Oh and I got detention so besides that my life couldn't be crappier" I said with a fake smile

"So I'm guessing that the plans after school are cancelled?"

"Yeah I'm sorry"

"No it's fine" he said like it was no big deal

"Hey to make it up to you maybe tomorrow we could ditch tomorrow and maybe just hang?" I asked

"Sure I don't think my parents would mind" he said

"And I don't have parents to care" I said with a smile and we just laughed until the bell rung.

  I walked into the detention room on the second floor of the school. It wasn't very welcoming but then again it's school basically a legalized excuse to torture children (Ricky Dillon reference). Once inside the classroom I could feel all eyes in me (like there was anyone there; only like five people). I took a seat in the back behind some guy with blonde hair and a letter man jacket on. Only five minutes in and this guy was already talking to me "What's your name?" he said in an Australian accent and I could see his face clearly now. His skin was pale making him look like he had never seen light ever and had really pretty green eyes

"Trouble" I replied with a smirk, hey if I'm gonna be in detention I minus well play the part.

 "You don't look that intimidating" he said

"Well looks can be deceiving" I said still smirking

"Well Trouble, how'd you end up here?" He asked

"You ask a lot of questions don't you?" I said

"Just answer my question" he said firmly

"Well based on my name I think you can imply a list of things I could have done" I said

"Let me guess... You got framed for something you didn't do and the teacher beloved the other person and not you. Am I correct?" He said smirking

"How do you know?" I said still in shock in how he knew

"I'm in you Math class" he said

"Oh" was all I could say

"And your real name is Vanessa not Trouble, but it suits you" he said smiling

"Okay well know that you know all that stuff about me what about you how'd you end up here" I said

"Well my real name is Michael and I skip class. A Lot" he said emphasizing the word real and a lot. 

"Bad boy eh?' I said crossing my arms ad leaning back in my seat.

"What can I say the ladies love it and class is boring" he said

"Hmm interesting" I said

"And I regret nothing" he said smiling, I laughed. The rest of detention we just talked and laughed and got to know each other a little better, the teacher would tell us sometimes to stop talking but Michael just gave him the finger and we continued talking.

 "Hey so you wanna hang at my place later?' Michael asked as there was about 30 seconds left of detention.

"Sure why not?" I shrugged.

"Okay detention dismissed" the crabby old teacher grumbled. I followed Michael out of the classroom and out of the classroom. 

  We started walking down the stairwell and out of the school.

"Oh were walking to my house by the way I hope you dont mind i dont live very far anyway" Michael informed as we walked down the street. For a bad boy he sure cared a lot about people.

"Oh its okay I dont mind" I said getting my penny board out of my backpack and hopping on it, slowly riding next to Michael.

"Hey no fair! You have a penny board!" he whined crossing his arms and pouting like a five year old.

"Well it sucks to be you know doesnt it" I said smirking as I stuck my tongue out at him. He stuck his tongue out at me as well. I laughed and glided ahead of him a little bit.



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