super natural

in the story two best friends hunt with the guys the just meet and defeat a vetala


1. meeting the winchesters

 As me and Tyler where pulling up into  Bobby Singer's yard. I woke her up "what do you want" she said tiredly. "where here" I said getting out of my '96 blue impala.i walked up to the door and knocked." there's my two favorite girls" bobby said letting us in. Tyler looked at two figures near the wall "who are they, girls meet Sam and Dean Winchester, guys meet Kat Valince and Tyler Brandt. Tyler turned to Bobby "we need a book on vetala's" she said.Bobby got the book and gave it to her. "you can't hunt a vetala" said dean. "we would be hapy to help yall" Sam said. "ok but we take my car" I said looking at dean. Dean looked at me like I was crazy but still rode in my car. We drove 50 miles then stopped at a motel. "here's the deal me and kat you and Tyler" dean said. "sounds like a deal" I said grabbing the room keys off the counter. We head up to the rooms I gave Tyler a hug then went into my room with Dean. I closed the door and locked it then put my 1848 model colt next to me on the night stand then fell asleep. I heard dean get up and walk to the bath room I got up and got dressed and waited for the other guys down stairs. as soon as all the stuff was in the back we headed the rest of the way to Gunther , Oklahoma.

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