super natural

in the story two best friends hunt with the guys the just meet and defeat a vetala


2. Gunther,Oklahoma.

we made it to Oklahoma I looked back and they were all asleep. I stopped at the gas station and me and dean got out. We got food and drinks and went to the hotel. As soon as we got into the room I passed out. I felt some one shaking me but didn't get up then I felt someone pick me and suddenly me and dean where in a bath tube full of ice cold water. "DEAN WINCHERSTER" I yelled and as soon as I did Tyler and sam ran over. "what happened" they said looking worried. "dean thought it would be funny to put me in a tube full of ice water" I said glaring at dean.


                 Tylers  p.o.v

"is she always like that" sam asked looking at the ground. "yea" I said "but when she's really mad no one will be laughing, like if I were to leave with out telling her she would explode". " I mean she seem's nice"


                   normal p.o.v.

we all headed to the house where a little girl told us to meet her.

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