super natural

in the story two best friends hunt with the guys the just meet and defeat a vetala


3. gtting the info

We had all the stuff in the back and started to head to the little girls house. When we got there dean knocked on the door rather loudly. The girl opened the door and let us in. Her mom looked like she had been awake for the past week or so, "Mrs. Adams" Tyler began but Dean cut her off. "Mrs. Adams we would like to know where your husband was two days ago" Dean said, Tyler was getting ready to punch Dean. "Hey Tyler looks like the boys got it lets wait in the car" I said glaring at her. When we got outside she exploded "what the heck Kat why did you let Dean do that, I just stood there, she never yelled and to be honest it hurt my feelings, I know right she hurt my feelings. "get in the car" I mumbled getting in the car wiping my tears away Tyler got in back as Dean and Sam came out walking to the car. dean and sam get in back we drove in silence back to the motel. the boys went in with tyler  and I stayed in my car letting the music drown out all the noise. after what seemed lie two hours I get out and go to the room and sleep.

                ....tylers pov..

"gosh I just don't know what to do sam, I mean she treat me like a freakin five year old." "idk maybe you should talk to her" "maybe your right thanks sam". I walked out the room and went to kats. I knocked on the door to be greeted by dean "sorry kat is sleeping" I pushed past dean "kat can I talk to you alone" "yea sure lets go to my car" she said groggly. once we got to the car I started to talk "kat im sorry I yelled at you" "hey its fine I know im over protective but I lost y family your the closest thing I have" I know im sorry" I said as we hugged then went back to are rooms.

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