Kiss me Kiss me😘

This 16 yr old girl, Cameron falls for 18yr old Calum Hood that goes to her school. They start to date. Maybe sexting and too much of it. It goes somewhere no father wants of his daughter.


3. Ugh

Finally here in New Zealand airport. The first thing I see is girls a lot of girls. Wow good impression New Zealand.

First we have to find a hotel because we have no home. My dad said we will look for a home tomorrow. Then more and more girls show up waiting for something.

The girl,Jamie I meet on the plane told me a band 5seconds of summer is having their first gig here at Annandale hotel. Wow I feel awesome.

I have to go to school on Monday. I'm so not excited. It's Saturday morning. I tired, weak and lazy. I'm so not ready to meet new people and start I've soo not ready.

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