Kiss me Kiss me😘

This 16 yr old girl, Cameron falls for 18yr old Calum Hood that goes to her school. They start to date. Maybe sexting and too much of it. It goes somewhere no father wants of his daughter.


1. Me

I hate school. Some people like it but I don't know why. Maybe things will go better after I change highschools. My stupid stepmom got a new job in New Zealand . So because of her we have to move. I'm the only child and they have to make it the worst.

At the airport it smells like shit. We have to take 3 planes. We live in California and California is across the world from New Zealand. It's a Friday I should be at a party with my girl jazz and getting drunk without my dad knowing. Last time I got drunk a guy at the party had to drive me home. Sadly I never saw that guy again. He had drugs in his car and got arrested for 13 yrs.

At least our first plane came. I sat down and my dad and Liz ( stepmom) sat next to each other. I sat next to a girl named Jamie she was 15. She is nice. Then all of a sudden a Man comes up to me. "This is my seat" he said, " No look at my ticket seat 14a", I replied. "Well I have 14a", he said. "Well I was here first". Then all of a sudden he left. I close my eyes and try to fall asleep then. "Ma'm excuse me this seat is overbooked and I have 1 extra seat in first class do you mind". The man said " actually I'll take first class any way she was here first". " thank you" the flight lady said. What a bitch.

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