Kiss me Kiss me😘

This 16 yr old girl, Cameron falls for 18yr old Calum Hood that goes to her school. They start to date. Maybe sexting and too much of it. It goes somewhere no father wants of his daughter.


2. Don't

I'm at the airport for my second flight. People in Italy have no sense of fashion like seriously. "Honey are you hungry", Liz said. " first of all your not my mom never are you gunna be and don't call me honey". "Do you wanna talk about your mom or anytime I'll be here". "Don't need you, dadd!!". My dad came in a rush. " yes sweetie". "I'm hungry", I replied. He got me a pizza. I ate then took a 15 minute nap.

I wake up to know that Liz and my father are making love. And that our flight is 10 minutes late. I go on my phone to check my notifications. My old best friend that's a boy texted me.

Jacob:hey I didn't know how to put this but I love you i love you more than I love my fish and you know I love my fish I'm sry I didn't tell you this before you left don't forget about me😘😔

The emoji 😘and 😔touched me so I called him.

The phone rang for 3 seconds then

Jacob- hey di

I interrupted before he finished

Me-I'm sry I love you to I'll never forget about you send me stuff everyday I'm still at the airport why'd I have to leave

Jacob-don't be sorry it's my fault I didn't tell you

Me- sry my dad just called I'll call you when I get there love you

Jacob- love you too

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