evil rises

If you are a Potter head , Percy Jackson fan , brainy person like Artemis Fowl , Quick minded as characters of 39 Clues and love Chronicles of Narnia then I'm sure that you'll love it . Give it a try !


9. 8.the attack

Annabeth was reading a book with Percy next to her when suddenly they heard a scream from nearby percy jumped on his feet with riptide ready "no-no son of posiedon dont even mess up with us we are worse than any of the people you have fought before " came an unknown voice "thats comander root that means that the fairis are upproaching "said buttler with his newly made gun ready that gun was designed in a way that it never missed a target and can kill any of the supernatural creatures "oh butty big fat butt its not just us we have others as well" the voice said as the ugly face of voldemort appeard and many of the titans and giants started comming out of water "oh and im also gonna help them " came gaias distant voice followed by an evil laugh . All of the argonauts( A/N all the people on Argo II ) were now armed with Harry , Hermione , Ron , Fred , George ,Ginny , Percy W with there wands , Percy J with riptide , Annabeth with a gun which had only three bullets but were filled with poision of madness , grover with pans power and leo with fire comming from his hand Amy , Dan , Ian , Natalie, Artemis , Susan , Edmund , Lucy , Caspian the Tenth with the same guns as Butler and Susan with her bow and arrow . "ARE U GUYS READY "Jason asked "YEPPERS PEPPERS "Leo replied as every one pressed a button and flew in the sky well everyone except Percy who stayed on board and Frank who turned into a giant eagle. "sooo guess what evils? actually don't guess I'll show you " Leo says " Go ! " Jason shouts Harry , Hermoinie , Ron, Percy W ,Ginny , Fred and George started to attack Voldy moldy and some of his death eaters . Leo threw fire balls at the enimys ship . Annabeth threw the poision . Percy threw balls of water at the enimys eyes . Grover started playing a tune on his pipe which made everybody sleepy and all the other members started firing . Annabeth succeed in Hitting Voldemort with the poision and he started doing a jig dance with the White Witch . Leo ' s fire hit the mast of the ship and injured many deatheaters . " Retreat! " yelled Gaia " Percy ! Thine for the main show " said Grover Percy controlled the water to form fists and punched the ship repeatedly until it was filled with water . "why did they go soooo fast i wanted to show gaia my SUPERMAN underpants." Leo said pouting as Jason face palmed NO one can change Leo a/n sorry for the filler guys the next chapter will be better i promice
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