evil rises

If you are a Potter head , Percy Jackson fan , brainy person like Artemis Fowl , Quick minded as characters of 39 Clues and love Chronicles of Narnia then I'm sure that you'll love it . Give it a try !


7. 6.plans

"The plan is clear " shouted Gaia " We will form a circle and surround the enemy and attack them "
"No way ! Your plan is stupid " argued the White Witch " my idea is to attack from above "
"No it is stupid " said Vasper 1
"I suggest we should do voting " said Commander Root 
" Yes nice idea !" said the White Witch " Who votes for me ? "
Voldemort Miraz and Vesper 1 raised their hands
"That leaves Mr. Root Ms....."said Gaia
"I would request you to call me Commander Root " cut off Commander Root
" Oh OK never mind... so that leaves Commander Root Commander Short and Evan " said Gaia shortly 
"We're equal " frowned the White Witch

LETS GO BACK TO OUR HEROES..........................

" I suggest we make poision of madness and throw it at the enemy " said Hermione 
"Nice idea " commented Percy J 
" I'll check out the recipe" said Artemis " Butler get my laptop"
"I'll make it " joined in Annabeth
"Can I help you Annabeth ?" pleaded Ginny
"Ya sure !" answered Annabeth 
"oh ! "exclaimed Artemis 
"What happened "said Lucy
"The process is very complicated " said Artemis
" Never mind tell us the recipe " ordered Susan 
" Boiled mercury (metal) with 2 fried beetle leaves mixed together in 1 drop of pure blood of a unicorn and 5 nails of a rat churned thrice  clockwise in a pot. And this whole mixture added to powdered feather of a sparrow and a teaspoon of salt boiled for 16 hours 9 minutes and 47 seconds . " said Artemis
"O-o--o-ok...." cried Amy in surpurise 
"I'll get mercury" said Leo breaking the silence 
"Beetle leaves"said Grover
"Hagrid will help us get Unicorn blood " said Harry
" I'll get the nails of my pet rat " said Ron
"I'll get salt " said Susan 
"What about the sparrow ? " asked Natalie 
"I'll get it " said Edmund 
"Oh ! Then take three days time to get the things " said Annabeth " and whoever wants to make the mixture come to the kitchen after three days"
"Ok! "shouted Ginny , Hermione and Amy in enthusiasm 

AFTER 3 DAYS .......

"Ok... so Ginny can you boil the mercury ?" asked Annabeth 
"Yesssss " replied Ginny 
" I'll fry the beetle leaves " said Amy
"And I'll grind the feather " came Annabeth's voice 
"I will churn the mixture " said Hermionie 
"We're done " said Ginny Annabeth and Amy together ,stared at each other for a second and laughed their heads off
"Give me the materials I'll make the mixture" shouted Hermionie in glee
*The mixture is completed*

"It's stinking like anything ..... Uhhh" blurted out the self styled Susan 
" I agree " said Natilie nodding her head 
" Can somebody give me a bottle to put this mixture in ?" came the faint voice of Hermionie 
"Just getting it " shouted Annabeth 
"I think whoever is good at archery should poison their arrows and throw it at the enimy on the first day of war " said Peter 
" Does that mean meee ?" said Susan
" Sure sis " said Edmund 

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