evil rises

If you are a Potter head , Percy Jackson fan , brainy person like Artemis Fowl , Quick minded as characters of 39 Clues and love Chronicles of Narnia then I'm sure that you'll love it . Give it a try !


4. 3.ouch!!!

" Owch !My scar is burning " Harry managed to say "Oh no not again don't tell me the stupid Voldemort has got his powers again !" exclaimed Ginny "Harry are you all right?" Hermione and Ron said in unison . "OMG he has fainted ! Shall I give him a drop?" cried Lucy "No need for that save it for the war" Said Peter "Its looking as if he will melt any moment . He is sweating like mad" said Susan "Shall I switch on the fan or the AC ?" George said asked Fred "IT IS NO TIME TO JOKE" shouted Hermione "What exactly has happened to him" Artemis asked questioningly "Well Voldermort an evil person has penetrated his mind . It often happened especially when harry was in Hog-" said Fred preachingly "THINK OF A CURE RATHER THAN TALKING ABOUT ILLOGICAL THINGS" Ginny bursted out in fury " COME ON HE-IS-MY-HUSBAND" . . . . "What happened ?" asked Harry "You fainted" said Percy J non-interestingly "And now Ginny is not talking to us coz of YOU " sang Fred "Its because you were not listening to me about shutting up your mouth" burst out Ginny "Oh come on you two! Percy to the rescue !"danced Percy J "Just to make the mood a bit happy let us sing songs " "All the boys who have girlfriends sing with me for them " shouted Percy J "For Annabeth " "For Ginny" added Harry "For Hermione " said Ron "for Amy " said ian AT THE SAME TIME........................ "Hey they are singing a song for their girlfriends" exclaimed Voldemort "Can you shut up . Im trying to make some buisness calls" "For you (White witch)" shouted Voldemort"YOU DONT KNOW YOUR BEAUTIFUL OOO THATS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL" "CAN YOU SHUT UP ! I-AM-TRYING-TO-MAKE-SOME-BUISNESS-CALLS" shriked the witch "but Im singing for you my darling" said a heartbroken Voldemort"YOU'VE GOT THAT ONE THING SO GET OUT GET OUT GET OUTTA MY HEAD AND FALL INTO MY ARMS INSTEA--" " I SAY CAN-YOU-JUST-SHUT-UP" exclaimed the white witch in anger "er.. I am not trying to interfear but was that your boyfriend singing for you? Oh how romantic" came the voice of Gaia from the Witch's phone "erm... sorry for the distubance " said the White witch "would you mind if I call you after a minute ?" "no no not at all my dear" *the witch ends the call* "YOU WERE HORRIBLE AT THAT TIME IS THET A WAY TO BEHAVE WHEN SOMEBODY IS TALKING ON THE PHONE SEE HOW MUCH EMBARASMENT I HAD TO SEE BECAUSE OF YOUR FOOLISH BEHAVIOUR NOW IM NOT EVEN SURE IF GAIA WILL AGREE TO WORK WITH SUCH A FOOLISH PERSO-" " I appriciate your ability to shreak and shout so much and give a legture on the spot but you need not show me your powers right now " said Voldemort in a cool voice *the witch slaps him and Voldemort starts crying* "Owch t-t-hat h-hurts if you d-d-dont know" "Your behavior was very foolish" said the Witch sternly
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