evil rises

If you are a Potter head , Percy Jackson fan , brainy person like Artemis Fowl , Quick minded as characters of 39 Clues and love Chronicles of Narnia then I'm sure that you'll love it . Give it a try !


3. 2. exactly what we are gonna do

Voldemort was trying to penetrate Harry mind again but was unsuccessful as he was very weak and couldn't reach harry mind as he had just risen.
Thinking how Voldemort is alive ?
Well he faked his death. But he was still furious . Frustrated , he screamed in anger but none of his team mates looked up. It was the White Witch who comforted him "Its O.K dear" she purred , "you will win the game now ."
And since then they are together trying to gather an army and attack Peter , Edmund , Lucy , Susan ,  Caspian , Harry and their followers . 

"I cannot reach that dratted Potter's mind " mourned Voldemort .
"It's OK darling . It does not matter ."
"But I want to know what Harry and his team mates are doing to stop us so that I can foil their plan ."
"Don't waste time and energy on those stupid things . why fear when technology is here?"
"You're right."
"I could easily know what those idiots are doing by laptop"
"so, dear what are you waiting for ? go right ahead."
"here you go voldy "
"who are those around Harry , Hermione , Ron and those Weasly brothers ?"
"they are Peter , Susan , Edmund , Lucy , Caspian the Tenth and wait... let me check  they are........................................Percy , Annabeth , Grover , Leo ,Amy , Dan , Ian , Natalie,Artemis , Butler "

"so they all teamed up"
"i guess"
"smart kids  but of course we are smarter"
"right  voldy now we'll also team up with Evan , Vesperer 1 ,Fairies , Commander Root , Commander Short ,Giants , Titans etc."
"exactly what we are gonna do"

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