evil rises

If you are a Potter head , Percy Jackson fan , brainy person like Artemis Fowl , Quick minded as characters of 39 Clues and love Chronicles of Narnia then I'm sure that you'll love it . Give it a try !


2. 1. Our team

Percy,harry,leo,Ian,Ron, fred and George were going to throw up.
Yet again Annabeth , Amy and Hermione were discussing on their favourite authors and books.
Natalie and Susan were too busy painting their nails. Grover while eating can watched lucy draw. Peter and Edmund were playing chess.

" How can anyone keep talking about 'Books' ?" Ron asked.
" I dunno bro." Percy replied sighing.
"They met each other just two days and one night ago and look at them talking like Shakespeare sisters " Ian said and then while eyeing Natalie and Susan said," and them-The Makeup Dollies."

" What's Sash pear? " Fred asked.
"Not Sash pear, it's Shakespeare. " Percy J told him," he was a world famous playwiter. But wasn't interested in his book but-"
"Perrrrcyyy!!!!" Annabeth interrupted.
" Yeah?"
" Please get my book out of the yellow bag's last chain. Please seaweed brain."
" k k"
Dan grew red as he tried to control his laughter.
" S-s-Seaweed b-brain!"
He and fred burst into laughter.

Percy glared for a moment and then went back to get the book. As he handed the book to annabeth amy's voice came" hey dan, what was the movie you are always talking 'bout? "
At last they had changed the topic, dan sighed.
" It's ' The mad-mad world'." He replied.
"Thanks , dweeb. " Amy said cheerfully," so there. Only my dweeb of a brother likes that stupid movie."
This time it was percy's turn to laugh. Dan grew deeper red and muttered, " Shut up Percy."
But Percy kept on laughing.
" When is artmis coming?" Ron asked.
The door of Leo's argo II , flew open and in came Artmis and Butler.
" Artmis!"
" Please,Dan don't call me that , i have a proper name."
" Butty, butty butty buttyyyy!!"
" So guys ready chalk out the plan?" Hermione announced.
No one answered.
still no answer.
" ARE YOU GUYS READY OR NOT?!!" Hermione shouted.
Cause no one wanted hermione angry. They knew what would happen.

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