Abby, a lovely 16 year old girl, is surprised to find herself falling for Luke when she meets 5 Seconds Of Summer! She become best friends with them when she met them on tour! Will it be love? Maybe! Read to find out!


1. Hey! My name is Abigail Williams!

Hey I am Abigail Williams! I am 16 and I LOVE music and my friends say I am an awesome singer! Anyway I live in Sydney! I go to high school! Well I don't know why I should be excited about being at high school, but lets just get into this hey?

Abigail's POV: 

"It started on a weekend in may, I was looking for atte-" I was screaming in my bed room when " ABBY!! SHUT UP I AM DOING WORK!!" My crazy mother yelled " ok ok ok!" I sighed. RRIINNGG!! RRIINNGG!  My phone was going off, I checked to see who it was, Emmi was calling. " hey" I said "HEY GIRL!!" Emmi yelled into the phone "what's up?!" I asked confused " oh yeah!! I won a ticket to your with 5sos!!" She yelled excitedly " OMG!! WHEN R U





GOING??" I asked excited " oh I'm not going, YOU ARE!!!" Emmi squealed."me? Me touring with 5Seconds Of Summer?" I thought to myself "YAY I CAN'T WAIT!!" I yelled " I will mail the ticket to you straight away" she said "ok sounds cool bye!" I replied and hung up. 

I danced around my room and was thinking to myself " OMG!! I WILL BE IN THE SAME HOUSE AS THEM!!"  I checked the time on my phone it read "11:59". " oh shit" I thought " better get to bed tomorrow is the big day!" So I hopped into bed and fell asleep!


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