Abby, a lovely 16 year old girl, is surprised to find herself falling for Luke when she meets 5 Seconds Of Summer! She become best friends with them when she met them on tour! Will it be love? Maybe! Read to find out!


3. Falling for Luke

Once the boys had taken me to their house, " Luke, you go show Abby around and the rest of us will make lunch!" Ashton said "yep" Luke said popping the "p". He showed me around the living room and kitchen and took me upstairs to show me the bedrooms. " this is my bedroom if you need me or anything" Luke said and he did the same with all the boys rooms. We walked to the end of the hallway... " and this is your room" Luke said " mine? It's beautiful!" I gasped " thank you! I designed it myself!" Luke replied. I looked into his eyes and thought " this boy is amazing! I must get to know him!" Then I looked at the carpet, he looked at me " you ok Abbs?" Luke asked confused " yeah yeah I am fine. Just fine!" I replied but really I wasn't fine at all! I knew he wouldn't date a fan, I mean, come on! " hey Abbs do youmind if I ask you something?" Luke said " ummmm not a problem, go ahead!" I replied. He sat us down on my


bed, " Abby, ever since I saw you at your door, sparks went off in my heart! I like you! I really fucking like you!" He said " and I want to ask you... Would you make me the luckiest boy on earth and go out with me?" He asked as he looked into my eyes " oh Luke, I uh I I I would.... I would love to!" I replied nervously. He took my hands in his and smiled, then he kissed them " great! I I mean tonight we will go on our date!" He said you could tell he was nervous but excited " ok Luke! I like you luke! I really do!" I exclaimed. "OI YOU TWO! GET DOWN HERE NOW LUNCH IS READY!" Michael yelled " OK OK OK WE WILL BE DOWN INA MINUTE!" Luke yelled back. Luke looked into my eyes and kissed me! Just kissed me just like that! I felt this sensation inside of me that I have never felt before, he warmed up my heart! " oh umm i- I-I- I uh didn't mean that I'm sorry!" Luke said I looked at him with confusion " oh I mean I did mean it just not all of a sudden" he replied after seeing the look on my face " oh that's ok I I mean I like you Luke!" I said not really knowing what to say at the time. " uh we should really go downstairs now" Luke said you could tell he was feeling awkward " uh umm yeah we should" I replied so he took my hand and lead me down the stairs! Authors Note: Hey guys sorry if you didn't like this chapter but its my first book:( plz leave suggestions for the future in my book;)'

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