A Hand In Hell

Her name was Angel. She was normal. Till she met him, and all his friends. She fit in for once... That was till they got her killed.... Her name was angel. She was normal.


3. The Beach

  My ceiling was green. The kind that you see on the side of the road with a hint of yellow, and you think it's slime. That kind.        I've been staring at it for hours. Waiting. My suitcase is packed and in the corner. I used my old Pink and Blue luggage from ten years ago. And I've been on my bed for two or three hours now, with my cheep headphones on, listening to whatever pandora had in store for me.        Let me catch you up.         Every summer, my family goes on this wild vacation. Last year it was Hawaii. With Fabulous boys and amazing drinks. The warm sun that left me burned instead of tan (I blame my hair). The year before was New York. That place is bat shit crazy. People everywhere, talking, loud, smelly, awful people. It was so crowded. I think I had a panic attack twice a week. But this summer it was different.       My mom rented a beach house in Florida on the west coast. The gulf side... I forget the town name but the house is called, "Big Beautiful Blue Sky." BBBS, for short. I call it the "Big Big Bull Shit" house because it's seriously just a glorified apartment. The pictures online show a pink house surrounded by huge Palm trees and multicolored flowers. In the backyard is the water, our own private part of the beach. The BBBS is complete with jet skis and docking. It's two bedroom, two bathroom place. Small but decent sized balcony that's connected to the small living area. Who cares? I won't be in it much. There actually is a bunk house, which is a small second house back on the property. It's one bedroom, one bathroom place with a small living room and tv. I'm getting that. I'll be by myself. Until I need food, then I go to the main house. I'll only be inside the bunk house at night, and with family and the water the rest... I can NOT wait!        "ANGEL! Let's go!!" I hear the yell and practically catapult off my bed. Within a matter of seconds, I'm flying downstairs; luggage in tow, phone in hand, and nothing could be better.        It takes twenty minutes to get the trunk of my mom's Saturn packed completely. It consisted of five bags (one for me, three for mom, one for toiletries, brushes, hairspray and other necessities), a box of snacks for the road and bunny food.        In the backseat sits the cage of my two adorable holland lop bunnies. Ones grey, she's Aphrodite. The other one is a small orange-ish and her name is Brimo. It's after the Greek goddesses. Aphrodite of love and Brimo of evil. I love them and of course they would come with me...        After getting in, this began the long road trip to Florida.                              XxXx       It took nearly two days to get there. Maybe more. I honestly lost track. It was countless hours of snack, sleeping, obnoxious bunnies, 60's music, and snoring from my father. Let's just say when I got out of the car, I was gasping for fresh air. The air beat down on my skin like fire. Instantly, my skin felt prickly. The heat making me feel like a baking cookie, but it was amazing. The sun was burning bright and I could hear the waves. They crashed against the shore, loud and beautiful.       I was nearly faint from the feeling. It's that energized feeling you get when you run a long time to runners high, or that feeling you get when you do the perfect back flip, or when you see your crush. That's the one. Where you can't help but smile and butterflies in your stomach and you never want to move on from this exact moment.       But I have to.       It took a few hours to unpack and another hour to get my mom to let me explore. Of course I was in my real bikini top and my cut off shorts. It's to hot for much more.        I went to the beach first. It was right off of the property. The ocean was right there. Beautiful.        You could see a few other houses along the edge of the beach. The one right next to us to the left, was light green. There was an old lady unpacking and getting everything in while her husband was grilling something. By the smell, hot dogs. There was one on our right but it was further down. Not far but far enough. I walked down the beach slowly. I could tell the house was a teen house. It had a few cans around the lawn and all the windows were open. It was blue. As I got closer I saw that it was huge. Like three stories. And there were several cars in the driveway. Music was pouring from the windows and the sound of "uptown funk" could be heard with how loud the bass was.        I saw movement in one of the windows and I froze. The brown curls were easy to see, as the boy walked to his balcony. His tattooed skin was glistening with sweat or ocean, I couldn't tell. He was breathtaking. And so was the boy who walked out beside him. The lip ring pinched tightly on his lower lip as he ran a hand through his blonde hair. I had to stop to take a breath. These weren't just boys. It was Ryan and Luke. The hotties from school. The ones girls dream of dating and the ones populars except to be friends with. Ryan with his brown curls.. Luke with his lip ring.. They were stunning. It appeared they were throwing a party In the frat beach house. I could see people moving in the house, but I didn't look at anything but them.          Shit I'm staring. I look away and keep walking. Besides, they were popular. And I'm normal. The music was blaring and I almost didn't hear Ryan yell my name.....         Almost.   
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