A Hand In Hell

Her name was Angel. She was normal. Till she met him, and all his friends. She fit in for once... That was till they got her killed.... Her name was angel. She was normal.


2. So Starts Summer


The sound of my name makes my body launch itself against the locker and out of the way of the speeding skateboarder. He flys by like a streak and it takes me a minute to relax, accepting the fact that I didn't get run over and my face isn't crushed by those cheep plastic wheels.

Are you confused? No? Well, I'm going to fill you in anyway. It's currently Wednesday. My last day of school. And everyone is flipping out to make plans when I'm just trying to make it out of school alive. There is still twenty minutes left of today. Twenty minutes to get all your crap out of your locker and clean it. Twenty minutes to get your shit together basically.

I only had my seven class books, a mirror that I had since I was ten, a few notebooks and folders, a pencil case, half a pencil, and of course.... A note from my dad. A crumbled up paper where the edges are crinkled and yellow. It simply says 'I love you baby girl. You're my gift from God.' Now you're most likely thinking, why in the world would I keep a crappy piece of paper from the man who walked out on me when I was seven..... Because it's the last thing I have of him... But that's a different story that I'm sure you don't want to hear.

Enough sad stuff and back to current time!

Anyway, I clean out my locker slowly. I have fifteen minutes left... Shoving my crap in a plastic bag I shut my locker and lean against it.

People swarm the halls. Screaming cheerleaders, you know, the ones that you want to punch in the face so they shut up for once, are in a circle talking about mani pedis and boys. The skaters are in a swarm playing with their skateboards. Nerds are by their lockers. And then there's The Squad. It consists of three girls. Alex, their leader. Her pretty blonde hair falls in perfect curls and her manicure is always fresh. Emily, the brunette a that tries to fit in... But really is just trying to be cool. (Don't piss her off she has a killer punch. Learned that the hard way). Then finally, there is Becca. She is a dirty blonde and a mix of both Emily and Alex. Her pink skirt and slutty top may seem fragile but she is a total bitc- bad person... You don't have to remember them. They probably won't show up in the rest of this book. Anyway, they walk down the hall perfectly in step. People move out of their way. I kind of want to put a trash can in front of one and watch the Mean Girls scene occur.

I have to turn away and not make eye contact. They walk by and slowly the halls go back to normal... Only ten minutes to go....

I'll save you the boring details of those final ten minutes. Small talk blah blah blah... Then the bell goes off and the halls flood with hot human bodies that push against you. Then you suddenly feel like you can't breathe and you're forced to follow the crowd. Lovely isn't it? You get use to it. Slowly, the crowd thins out and the crowd has brought me to the courtyard. The sun is bright against my pale skin and my red hair only gets redder. I look along the line of fancy sport cars until I see my.. Black... 2009... Jeep.

Yup, I'm the coolest.

I get into the blasted thing and sigh, cranking the air conditioning until I'm finally at a reasonable temperature. Starting it, and driving out of the parking lot onto the open road ahead. And so begins the summer where everything changed.

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