Not on Drugs

Not cause im telling you this story it doesn't mean im alive.
Hi, im Samantha Sparks and i'll tell you how the love of my life made me live the real hell


3. Weed

Me and Zoe were getting ready to go to the party of the boys.

I wore a short pasted dark blue, a gray blouse that showed all my belly, a red blouse open xadreza over, and my turquoise jump. My hair was completely smooth, and wore a black makeup that marked my eyes, and a red velvet lipstick.


We went to the car, and Zoe put the address in Google Maps.

We arrived at the home of the boys and had completely drunk people, the garden was full of plastic cups.

We went in and we soon saw the boys.

- Wow how are you cats. - Said Michael me spinning.

- You also ta very cat.


I said hi to all the boys less to Luke who was eating almost the same girl this morning.

- Come here. - Calum pulled me by the hand and led me to the bar.

- Finally you spoke to me. - Said as she watched him fill the glass with tequila.

- Is that I was shy to talk to you. - I laughed and he blushed.

- You're cute knew?

- And you are very cat knew?

We turned the glass with drink and felt the burn in my throat, he was staring at my eyes and was getting closer, until he ended between us.

We begin with a calm kiss, until his tongue urged passage and quickly gave in, he placed his hands on my waist pulling me against his body, ran my hands down her neck scratching his neck. When the kiss would get warmer wretched human being disturbs us.

- Look who I found. - Luke says passing his arm around our shoulders.

- What do you want? - Say looking angry

- Marrentinha calm, just came to hi to you.

- I know.


* Luke Hemmings *

Alesha dropped in a corner and went to talk to the staff.

- Speaks al guy. - Michael said.

- Speaks al. - Looked at all and realized that Sam was not there. - Where's Sam? He gave up come?

- She came not. - Zoe said and looked back at me and his eyes widened. - Is not it?

Everyone looked at the same place, and stayed with the same expression of Zoe, turned around and saw it and Calum kissing. For some strange reason it bothered me, so I decided to disrupt the timing of the two. I approached them, and I put my arm around his shoulders and said:

- Look who I found. - They split and Luke looked at me with anger and smiles.

- What do you want? - She asked looking at me with hatred, that somehow made me feel weird.

- Marrentinha calm, just came to hi to you.

- I know.

Calum came out and said that after talking to Sam, and finally we were only two of us.

- Speak Now why did you come to interrupt us?

- I do not know, I felt like. - She rolled her eyes and went to the dance floor with Zoe.

She strutted to form the music beat, she went to the ground without difficulty, and it was driving me crazy. The boys arrived on my side and stared at Sam, and that bothered me a bit.

- Face it ta making me horny. - Michael said.

- Me too. - The other two confirmed.

- As much as I do not want to admit, she ta driving me crazy.

She and Zoe turned to us, Sam bit her lip and stared at me while still strutted, I tried to control myself not to go there and grab it. I could not stand and exits to the outside of the house.


* Samantha Sparks *


My technique of trying to "seduce" Luke tava working.

I got tired and rummaged take some air outside. I leaned against the wall of the house, and took from my pocket my marijuana friend, took the lighter, and ascended. Even felt someone beside me, when I look is the same delicious creature.

- Looking at marrentinha not know you smoked.

- Only when I want to forget my problems.

He sat on the floor and motioned for me to join him in his hands had a bottle of vodka.

- From when you smoke?

- Since I was 14 years old.

- Damn it.

We were talking and drinking, the drink began to do a little effect on me, but Luke was still sober. He took my "baby" as I call it, my hand and led her mouth.

- I will. - I said.

- Which is you will not die if you share with me.

We continue passing marijuana to each other, until he began to stare at me.

- What is it? - I asked.

- Nothing.

He was getting closer to me, and ended up with the space between us, your language asked passage and I quickly gave in. My god he kisses and fucking, Jesus help me.

We stopped the kiss by shortness of breath, took a drag on marijuana and he kissed me again, the smoke goes from my mouth to his that was the best feeling I've ever had, he took a sip of vodka and kissed me again, the drink was after his mouth to mine, MY GOD I THINK I WILL DIE.

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