Not on Drugs

Not cause im telling you this story it doesn't mean im alive.
Hi, im Samantha Sparks and i'll tell you how the love of my life made me live the real hell


4. Jack

Two weeks have passed and everything remains the same crap ever. Luke after the party no longer look on my face, he is only eating almost the girls in front of me and stares at me. Serio what the problem is this kid?

 I was in my closet, the hallway was completely deserted, closing the closet door and look in the direction of the court. When I see a man standing seen me, I try to get closer to try to see who it was, when my body freezes, my heart is a mile a minute, my legs are wobbly and tears begin to well up in my eyes. He starts walking towards me and I rush out the most that I can.

Turn in the hallway of my room, at that point I was crying like a child. When bump into someone.

- Sam what happened? - Zoe asked worriedly, all the boys were in the same state it.

I leaned against the wall and slid to the floor crying, I put my head on my knees and collapsed.

- Sam tells me what happened.

- Was Jack. - Zoe's eyes widened.

- Jack? But he did not in jail?

- Yes, but I saw him on the court staring at me, and then he came after me. - Said between sobs.

- I think you better talk to your father about it, he needs to know.

- Better not.

- Sam and this guy even got out of jail and is coming after you? Remember what he did to you? And if he does it again?

-I do not think about that.

All the boys looked at me worried, even Luke, who had the most worried-looking than the other.

- I'll get water for you, Calum stay with her.

* Luke Hemmings *

After the party where Sam and I kissed, I felt something different, made me want to steal her for me, but she deserves better than me, I'm a junkie and a drunk who participates in cracks and always gets in fights. She deserves a guy that goes to make her happy, and not a guy like me.

We were walking in the hallway when someone bumps into me. It was Sam, she was crying like a child, her breath was panting. His state had me worried.


When Zoe went to catch water for Sam I went after her.

- Who is this Jack?

- I can not tell you.

- Please, Zoe, tell me.

- Swears you did not tell anyone. - Nodded.

- Well, when Sam was 12, had a boy at her school who was obsessed with Sam, she never gave loophole him get there. When he turned 16, that Jack started chasing her. Until one day, when she was returning from college, he grabbed her and took her to his house. He raped and beat her. Every day he did the same thing, and with that things of her brother, she began to get depressed, she did not leave home and sel harm herself. When she was coming home one day, he did the same thing, but she almost died, she ended up in the hospital and was admitted. When she came out, was to file a complaint in the police when arrested and Jack told her that when he got out of there going after her and would do a thousand times worse than he did. It was then that she started with drugs, cracks and drinks. Life only boiled in sex, drugs, cracks and boys, she became a stripper too. And Jack swore that will kill her.

I do not know what to say, I was ungrounded, how a person could do such a thing to a girl?

- I swear if he comes near her, or try anything, I'll kill him. - Said.

- Luke, do you promise to protect Sam? - Asked crying.

- I promise. - Said and pulled her into a hug.

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