Not on Drugs

Not cause im telling you this story it doesn't mean im alive.
Hi, im Samantha Sparks and i'll tell you how the love of my life made me live the real hell


2. Asshole

I woke up with the alarm screaming in my ear.

I sat on the bed and felt the headache coming on, staggered into the bathroom and took a cold shower.

I looked in the mirror and my appearance was horrible. Since yesterday I could not get Luke out of my head, those blue eyes, that piercing that made him sexier than anything else, okay I have to stop this.

I packed and went down, my parents were in the room with my younger brother Shawn.

- Denied good day.

- Good Morning daughter and ... my god what happened to you? - Said my mother.

- The makeup did not hide it?

- No, not at all.

- Sam can you take your brother today? - Said my father still reading the newspaper.

- Have a choice? - I said and I grabbed an apple.

- Not really.

- Then lets go. - Said taking my bag and slapping the head of Shawn.

The whole way we were silent, my brother and I are not talking much, because we are different from each other, he is the smart family, he never took poor grades, and is the boy who never did anything wrong. I'm already a "drugged" family, my parents do not know that I have these types of problems, I am the daughter who does not take notes as good as well. The only difference between us you should find that my parents prefer my brother, but my brother as much as my parents do everything for him, Shawn is a bit ungrateful because I love everything that my parents do for me, then I'm the favorite daughter.

- You keep quiet?

- You want me to say what? - Asked dry.

- Why are you so to me?

- Like...?

- Dry, thick, arrogant, I do everything for you to like me, but you just despise me.

- You do not understand.

- Then make me understand.

- This will be impossible.

- Stop it. - Said with tearful voice.

- What?

- To act as if I screwed your life. - Turned off the car and wiped the tear that falls.

- SAMANTHA. - I heard my brother calling me, but I ignored it.

Went to school and then I saw Zoe with a group of boys, took a deep breath and I approached her.

-hey Zoe. - Said in a low tone.

- Samantha, why did you not answer my call I was worried.

- Excuse me i was, hm, solving something.

- Oh almost forgot, these are Michael, Ashton and Calum.

- Hi. - Said shy.

- Beautiful hi. - Said a blond boy.

- Hey was you who won the Luke splits in yesterday right? - Asked a Michael.

- Was.

- Nobody could beat him today.

The bell rang and we all had the same class we went together to the room.

The boys were very funny, and very hot, I still came in to talk through with Calum, he just commented me a few things, but nothing beyond that.

Oxygenated blondes came around 4 times wanting to give up on them, but I used my little gift to give a kick in the other, what did they stay with the greatest fucking face I've ever seen in my entire life.

The bell rang, and we follow six out of the room, sat down at a table together and talked about random things.

- Hey Calum, sorry i'm late. - To hear that voice I froze.

- Relax.

- Speaks all Luke, how is losing to a girl? - Ashton asked.

- I let her win, was different.

- Swears it was not what it seemed, when I saw the face you was when I overtook you. - I said looking sarcastically.

- Just look who's here.

- But then Sam, you're not from here right? - Ash asked.

- No, how you know?

- By your accent he's cute. - I felt my cheeks blush.

- I'm Brazilian.

- BRAZILIAN? - Asked together.

- Yes.

-Now this explained everything. - Luke said, looking me up and down and bit her lip, i rolled my eyes.

- So girls, today will have a party at our home and we want you two go. - Mike said.

- Sure / no. - I denied.

- C'mon Sam, will be cool, please.

- She 's afraid. - Luke said.

I look at him with a hatred face and finally said.

- Then I will.




The class was over we were in front of the college, I was embraced with Ash who had his hand on my waist and Luke was almost eating with a blonde bitch, I swear that every time he kissed her neck, he looks at me.

The bitch is gone and my brother came to disturb me.

- Sam, Posso falar com você? - Shawn asked in Portuguese.

- What? - Asked the boys.

- I have to talk to you.

How had no one in high school I moved away and took Shawn with me, but still gave the boys listen to our conversation.

- I want to apologize.

- What? Why?

- That is I want to apologize because I was an asshole this morning.

- Know what I have so tired? You treat me like I had ruined your life, hey I never did anything to you, I always tried to help you, always did everything for you, for you like me, but you just despise me, treat me as if I were a hindrance in your life, I got tired you do not know how many times I wanted to have a conversation with my brother, but I never could because he hates me you know how it is for me? Each time you do these things to me I am finished, you remember when you said those things to me last year? - At this point I have screamed, and the boys looked at me. - When you said that, I locked myself in the room and just cried, I got to practice self harm, you know the extent of it? I've had enough of that Shawn. - I cried like a child already.

- I, I did not know that.

- Of course you did not know you never cared about me, fuck.

- What can I do to make you come back to see me as a brother?


Shawn was toward the other side of the street and got into the car of a friend. I went towards the boys, my face and my eyes were red.

- Sam calm down. - Zoe hugged me and I collapsed right there.

I did not think my brother would come to that.

The only thing I wanted was for him at least cared about me.

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