If its meant to be

Chloe espinosa joined karate and mett a boy called jack brown and instanly fell in love with him but what will she do to get him to notice her... ?


4. 4

Chapter four

Chloe pov

For some reason mom wont let me go karate and its been two weeks since I've last been. I miss jack is that weird? Prob idk or care i tell my self, i have his phone number i was gonna text him but i was to scared. I asked him to met me in the park by my house, after a couple on min he replied 'sure ;-)' i smiled and shouted my mom I'm going out to play with Katie my friend from school, my mom shouted back okay don't be too long, i took my jacket and left.

Jacks pov

i got a text from chloe asking to met at the park so i replied and left when i got there she was not there so i just sat on the swings waiting. As soon as she walked i realised how cute she was and how much i missed her and her lovely brown hair which fell so perfect and her beautiful green eyes, she noticed me almost straight away she ran over in heels i kinda laughed and she sat on the swing next to me, i asked why she was not in karate she replied saying her mom not letting her.

So after hours of talking it was getting dark so she left i sat there thinking about her mom not letting her... Im puzzled. I started walking home.

When i got home my mom was not a work for once so i told her what chloe said about why she cant go, my mom replied saying i talk to her mother tomorrow...

Sorry ive been sick all week I'm feeling a bit better but not fully well but dont worry about me bye xgirlx

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