If its meant to be

Chloe espinosa joined karate and mett a boy called jack brown and instanly fell in love with him but what will she do to get him to notice her... ?


3. 3

Chapter 3

Chloe mother pov

I snuck into her room when she was fast asleep and took her diary and read it, i know i should but i don't care she happy and i wanna know why. I gasped she likes someone in karate im taking her out when next thursday comes she not going, she cant like someone shes only young she don't know what love even means.

Jack pov

I walked to get chloe for karate and when i knocked the door her mom answered i never met her mom before so i was a tiny bit scared she said she was grounded i ask why but she said none of your business, so i just walked to karate i haven't saw chloe in over a week and my heart hurts :(

Girl was bugging me to update so i did :)

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