If its meant to be

Chloe espinosa joined karate and mett a boy called jack brown and instanly fell in love with him but what will she do to get him to notice her... ?


2. 2

Chapter two chloe pov

So next thursday i walks into karate class with her smile almost touching her checks she was gonna see jack i seriously thought i was falling for him... And i was right because as soon as i walked in i fall over him and landed right on my face how embrassing...

After around about 1hour and a half i felt a little sick i go up to the teacher and tell her that. She replied saying only half a hour left you will do find so i left it.

So i didnt puke in karate but when i walked home with jack i did i puked all over him and he just ran off in disgust i thought, well hes not gonna like me now

Jack pov

I was walking back from karate with chloe i do feel like i like her a bit... Does that make sence prob not, So i think im gonna learn in to kiss her but she pukes all over me i ran off think gross and when i got back i got changed and put my karate uniform in the wash. My mom wasen't back yet so i just played my xbox thinking if chloe puking on me didnt make me lose intrest in her maybe i should ask her out... I laughed why would she go for a pathetic loser like me.

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