Orphan to Fame to Hell

Hey sorry about the last story too gross that was my BFFs vision

Orphan to Fame to hell
This is a story about Addison (Addi) and she is an orphan. Bad stuff happens until one day she gets adopted and a few weeks later all he'll broke loose


1. Chapter 1

Hi I'm Addi and I am 10 years old! Well my parents died in a car reck and I was put in a miserable place called an orphanage. Well here's my life!

Addi's POV :

I woke up to a shaking by Little 'brother'. He was crying. I saw his lip busted and cuts and bruises everywhere! I comforted him and he fell asleep in my bed. All of a sudden the door busted open and a man stood there. He pulled my hair and dragged me out of bed. And he threw me into a room with blood everywhere!! He kicked me and called me names. After the beating was done he threw me back into my room. I silently cried. My life was never gonna get better.

Author's Note:

I promise the chapters will get longer!

SNEAK PEEK: next chapter will have one direction adopting her but at the end there is a twist!

P.S. I will be posting daily

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