That One Wish (ON HOLD)

Oh! Hello there! I am Ash and yes I am a girl. I know Ash sounds like a boy name but hey I rock it! I am 17 years old, I am starting a new school in very dark town. No human can inter it unless you are half shadow demon and half human me. I am in the 12th grade and there is only 1 month of school left. Come with me threw the rest of my high school year and threw my life with me! It will be a interesting journey.


3. Chapter 2: I'm Officially Princess

I live in the Castle of course. It's so huge! When I walked into my room it was awesome, my bed was made of bones. I got to carried away just at looking at my room and I forgot to put my stuff away. I hurried and put my stuff away because my parents said they had something for me in the throne room. I went to the Throne Room and my parents were sitting in the big chairs with crowns on. They stood up when they saw me. My mom was in a really pretty dress, but I don't wear dresses. I wear black skinny jeans and skull or just plain black shirts always. Since I am a princess I think I should be wearing one, but No I refuse too. "Good Evening Ash", said Mom. "Hey Mom! This place is super cool! Do I have to wear a dress too?", I said. "Well your Father and I planned on you too, but you don't have to wear it always",Mother Said. "Anyways, the reason your Mother and I wanted you to meet us in here was to officially crown you princess!", Father said sounded excited. "Okay, this sounds cool",I said. "We are having a big ceremony in exactly one hour, so get ready! Your maid will dress you.", said Father. I go to my room and I didn't even look at my closet yet. I opened it and there was nothing but Black and Red dresses and all kinds of black shoes. The maid came and dressed me and fixed my hair and makeup. I have to say I don't look that bad. I looked out my window. There was the WHOLE TOWN at the castle coming in. I saw this really cute dude walk in too. There was alot of teens my age also. The ceremony started and I got crown princess. That dude I said was cute earlier he wouldn't stop staring at me, he also kept smiling. I wonder what grade he is in. Because if he is in my grade looks like i'm going to school with him.

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