That One Wish (ON HOLD)

Oh! Hello there! I am Ash and yes I am a girl. I know Ash sounds like a boy name but hey I rock it! I am 17 years old, I am starting a new school in very dark town. No human can inter it unless you are half shadow demon and half human me. I am in the 12th grade and there is only 1 month of school left. Come with me threw the rest of my high school year and threw my life with me! It will be a interesting journey.


2. Chapter 1: DoomsVille

We Arrived at DoomsVille the "Super Natural Place". It is ALWAYS night time here. There are no humans allowed here unless you marry into royalty. My parents said we had to move here because I needed to see my future life so I could be prepared to take over the royalty life. My mother Fawn is the Shadow Demon Queen. My father Daxton is a Human, thats why he can see and inter the place is because he married my mother. So, yes I am the princess. The loner princess that has no friends. Im known as the "emo" type of chick.

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