That One Wish (ON HOLD)

Oh! Hello there! I am Ash and yes I am a girl. I know Ash sounds like a boy name but hey I rock it! I am 17 years old, I am starting a new school in very dark town. No human can inter it unless you are half shadow demon and half human me. I am in the 12th grade and there is only 1 month of school left. Come with me threw the rest of my high school year and threw my life with me! It will be a interesting journey.


1. About the Book

This is my first book for 2015. I hope you enjoy what I have planned for this book. 


Author Talk:

Okay, Sometimes I get bored with writing my books, so I sometimes just rap things up and just do something that probably wouldn't like I would make someone die? Like just to end the book. So if do get bored with this book or another book and you want to know about what happened if you don't understand or if you have no unearth who someone is and your confused. Just ask me in the comments I ALWAYS REPLY :D So just ask! Even if its a stupid question to you just ask!. I don't bite :P!



Ash- 17 year old Half-Shadowdemon. She is a sweet girl thats in her last month of 12th grade. She is Daughter of Queen Fawn and King Daxton.

Queen Fawn- Queen of Shadow Demons and mother of Princess Ash. She is Full Blooded Shadow Demon.

King Daxton- King of Shadow Demons and Father of Princess Ash. He is Human.

Ashtyn- The hottie. Has a secret crush on some girl at school. (HMM I WONDER WHO?)

Fango- Ashtyns Best Friend. 

Mist- Ash's BFF. Knows everyones Secrets. 


More Characters one the way ^-^…..


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