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Cherina is a party planner. The best party planner in all of America, to be exact. Rich people, famous people want her to plan their party. One day, someone plans a party that goes out of hand... involving one direction! //Copyright xstay_a_secretx


2. Two

Chapter Two

"Is there a problem?" Paddy asked in and broke the awkwardness. 

"Yeah, um... is there any way you can cancel the 1D gig?" I asked politely.

"Excuse me, you want us to waste our twelve thousand euro concert?"  Panny widened her eyes. She looked frustrated and annoyed.

"Oh My God." Paddy started crying and fanning her eyes. Something that every girl does when she's about to throw a fit.

"OMG. I'm going to throw a BF" Panny cried.

"No, no, no! Don't throw a... BF." I pleaded.  I've watched white chicks, maybe it means Bitch Fit. 

"We are leaving!" Paddy sneered and snatched up her purse and sashayed out.


Everyone else looking around went back to sipping their coffee when I stared at all of them.

Well at least I won't face Harry again.

I swept everything off the table and threw it into my bag. I walked to the bus stop and boarded the bus home. 

My apartment was located above a tiny shop lot above a mini mart run by my lovely neighbour. She's 68 years old and she has lung cancer. I feel sorry for her so once in a while I give her some fruits and stuff. 

I walked along the dimly lit corridor as I rummaged my bag to find my keys. As I reached the door, I ripped off a note stuck to my door. 

Yorkuz Properties 


Pay Rent Of Vacate The Premises

Money Owed : $4890

Failure of paying the full payment in thirty (30) days, you will hereby surrender the premises as stated in this notice

Thank You



Now what?

I don't know.

Let's see. It's 8 : 30 am. I've got an appointment at 9 : 30, means I've got an hour to do what I've not been able to do for a looooong time.


I set up and grabbed my phone. I set an alarm at 9 am and went back to sleep, hopefully I'd be able to do so.  

I lay down on my bed, sleeping in the most comfortable position ever and closed my eyes. Soon, I fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up, startled by the sound of the alarm. No, I'm not late, not like one of those cliche movies. My life is not a movie.

If only I knew the danger that was going to happen.

I would've NEVER started this career.



You may start to think, "Doesn't this girl have any friends?"

"This girl does NOTHING but work,"

"She has no parents? Siblings? Maybe they died in a CARCRASH."

Now, now let's not jump into conclusions, let me EXPLAIN. In a second, all of your questions will be answered.

My full name is Cher Rina Kings. That explains Cherina. Not many people know that Cherina is actually two names combined. Well there you have it, all of you know now. I'm 19, and I live in New York. Wanna know the slogan/motto for this city? "The city where dreams come true". Well this might be true, for everybody except me. 

I know what you're thinking, "This girl plans so many parties, and she still does not earn enough money to pay off her rent! What does she do with all the money? Spend it on drugs?"
Haha, very funny. I spend my money on the next customer's wedding decorations. You don't have a clue how much they cost. They cost around $50,000 for a party and I get paid roughly $50,000 - $51,000 for every party. The customers pay for the $50,000 and I get $1000 for myself.

And I do not plan one party a month, I plan more than 30 parties.   

Let's round that up.

$1000 x 30 =  $30,000

(Monthly Salary)

-$400 (The price of food I eat monthly)

-$1000 (Pocket Money Each Month For My Retired Dad Living In Winsconsin)

-$1000 (Pocket Money Each Month for My Retired Mom Living In Winsconsin)

-$500 (Electric Bills. Water Bills Combined)

-$700 (Flyers and brochures for my one-woman company)

-$10,000 (My big brother, who is diagnosed with lung cancer, p.s. I'm really furious at my parents for not paying insurance. I told them they should've done that. They think it was a "waste of money" )

-$300 Clothes for myself for certain parties I have to attend.

-$10000 (Secret Reason)

Okay, $30,000 - $400 - $1000 - $1000- $500 - $700 - $10, 000 - $300 - $10000 =

So that means I have $6,100 left for myself.

And I'm missing $10,000 to pay rent.

Every month.


Author's Note

Hey Guys, thanks for reading, the next chap has ALOT of drama so get ready! 





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