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Cherina is a party planner. The best party planner in all of America, to be exact. Rich people, famous people want her to plan their party. One day, someone plans a party that goes out of hand... involving one direction! //Copyright xstay_a_secretx


1. One

Chapter One

               My phone vibrated as I unwillingly picked it up, waking me up from my deep slumber. I have already planned 13 parties today, and I'm exhausted. You can say I'm a miracle worker. Let's see, I've still got Ryan Gosling's wedding to plan, and 5 other parties. Okay, no problem. I swiped the answer button and I spoke into the phone. 

"Cherina's Party and Co., how may I help you?" I said, trying to sound as un-tired as possible. On the other end of the line, I heard giggling, which was really annoying.

"Yes, um. We'd like to plan a sleepover party!" one of the girls giggled into the phone.

"Alright, we'll need to meet up to discuss the party. How does tomorrow sound?" I prayed they would decline, because I already have 18 appointments tomorrow.

"Tomorrow sounds perfect!" 


I guess that's 19 appointments.

"How about 8 am tomorrow?" the other girl with a higher-pitched girl screamed into the phone.

"Alright, we'll meet at Starbucks tomorrow, the one in Malburrry Street. May I take your name?" I re-confirmed.

"Rae sisters!" they both shreiked into the phone.

"Alright, see you tomorrow."

"Amaze!~" the girl with the higher-pitched voice said. "Totes. See ya girl!" the other girl giggled.

I put down the phone and sighed. I glanced at my wrist-watch and it read 4:30. I have an appointment in... 10 minutes. After that, I have to drop off the wedding decorations for the wedding party this Sunday. Then I have to attend Angelina Jolies's new-born baby shower. Next, I'll have to taste test Channing Tatum's daughter's 2nd birthday party Princess Bubblegum Princess food and a few more other stuff.


My eyes fluttered open. I must have fallen asleep after eating so much Princess food. I feel sick. Remind me to never eat Princess food so much again. If I'm not mistaken, it's 5th of December and it's 6 am. I've got an appointment in an hour's time.

I stumbled around my very messy apartment. I tried to find my way through all of my party planners and wedding clothes and decos. Finally I  managed to find my business outfit. I put it on and smoothened the outfit to flatten out the wrinkles and crinkles. And my my outfit, I meant just a pair of jeans and a tank-top.

My appoinment is in Coffee Bean, not far from Starbucks, which is the second appointment of the day. My first appointment is with Five seconds of summer, their planning a christmas party right on christmas day.

I managed to catch a cab to Coffee Bean. I checked the rear-view mirror in the cab and straightened out my hair. After I tipped the cab man who I could tell was slightly perverted, I pushed the glass door open and the door jingled as I opened it, as there were bells hanging on the door handle. 

I walked up to the cashier. "Mr. Hemmings?" I smiled politely at her. She smile back and greeted me. "Right this way," she pointed out to a door, leading to a private coffee room. I twisted the door knob and I walked in. The four stars sat their, fiddling around. Hemmings was lying on the sofa and Hood was sitting on him. Irwin was fiddling with his hair and he kept asking them "DOES MY HAIR LOOK COOL?" . Clifford was sitting on the chair opposite the table, swiping his phone. 

"Ahem" I cleared my throat and they looked up. Hemmings sat up and properly and Hood stopped sitting on Hemmings. Irwin flattened his hair and Clifford stuffed his phone into his pocket. I smile formed on my face. "Right," I muttered under my breath. The reason why I call them by their last names is because they are my CUSTOMERS. Not my best friends. They have my respect.

 I walked over and sat down. I pulled out my planner and laid it out on the table. 

"Christmas party, Christmas party, Christmas party." I repeated, laying the rest of the stuff out of the table. "So where shall we start?" I asked them. "I dunno. You're the party planner," hood blabbed. Hemmings elbowed him and I rolled my eyes. "Can we get you a drink?" Hemmings offered. 

"No thanks. I don't drink coffee." I shook my head and smiled. "Woah. No coffee?" Michael looked at me. He pulled out his phone and started typing. "I just met a girl that doesn't drink coffee. Hashtag NoCoffee. " he said as he typed. "Um sorry gentlemen, I've got another appoinment at 8, so if you don't mind, We have to reschedule." I glanced at the clock, which was now 7:30 am.

"No no, we have 30 minutes." Irwin smiled. "Let's do something fun." Hemmings suggested. "Wha-? No thank you." I said. 

"Let's go to the arcade!" Irwin grinned. "You're the only one who wants to go there. Everyone for bowling raise you hands!" Hood said as he raised his hands. No-one else did. "Aw come on."
"Hello? I told you , I can't-" 

"What about Laser Tag?" Michael suggested.

They were completely ignoring me.  "Alright, fine." I gave in only to get them to shut up. I will have to waste 15 minutes waiting for my next appointment, might as well waste it on playing laser tag with four idiots.

"HOORAY!" Irwin cheered.


We walked all the way to the Laser Tag Joint. Since it was 7:30, it was closed. But they were stars, so they got a privilege and they got in for free. 

I entered the arena. "Okay, how about Luke, Calum and Ash join with Cherina and I'll single handedly versus all of you." Clifford spoke. "Dude..." Hemmings sighed and shook his head. "Come on. She's a girl!" Michael retorted.

"How about, I versus all of you?" I spoke in.

They all looked at me and laughed. "You?!"

"A GIRL?!"
I lifted my eyebrow and Michael spoke in, "If You insist..."

I've played shooting games with my brother, this should be no problem. I've never played this before, and the objective of the game is to shoot the vest of the oppoment in the dark. There's like towers for you to play in and stuff.

I was really good in shooting, so maybe laser tag is just a pain-less alternative.

I got into the highest tower, I decided to sit there and snipe. They were running around like lunatics, shouting, "Where is she? Where is she?"

I just sat there and started laughing. I shot all of them and they looked around confused, their look on their faces were priceless.

​Soon, someone crept behind me and shouted, "Aha!"

I spun around and saw Hemmings. His vest was dark, but two seconds later, it started glowing again, symbolling he is ready to be shot again. I took the chance right before he could shoot me and I ran down the tower. Suddenly, my phone vibrated. It was the Rae sisters.

Crap, my appointment starts in 2 minutes! I ran out without even informing the guys. I placed my vest back on the rack. I opened the locker and thankfully, Starbucks was a walking distance.

I got there, huffing and puffing. The two girls in pink designer clothes, who I supposed were the Rae sisters, sat there, applying more makeup to their faces. They were the walking dead barbies.

"Oooh! You must be Cherina!" One of them looked up and placed down the mascara. I nodded and greeted them.

"I'm Panny Rae, and she's Paddy Rae." 'Panny' giggled and flipped her hair in my face.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Cherina." I smiled at them and sat down.

"Now first things first, I'm gonna tell you we already book a band.' Panny shreiked.

"Totes, using daddy's money." Paddy nodded.

"So what band?" I said and clicked my pen as I was ready to write.

"One Direction."

My pen dropped.

Harry Styles as in the hot guy who used to bully me in High School?
Harry Styles as in the meanest, dumbest, person I know?

Harry Styles as in Harry Styles?

No. This is not going to end well.


Author's Note

Hello Everyone! I'm so excited to continue this story! Maybe 5+ Hearts for the next Chap? No hate on my first book?






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