Him (Harry Styles)

All I could think about was him, and all the lies he ever told me.


2. Chapter 1:

1 year ago 

"Mica! Let's get up, nap time is over and party time is here." My best friend Dakota Landry. Her bouncy red curls were tied back into a pony tail. Her green eyes bright with excitment-as they always were. 

"You said I could have a hour-nap!" I groaned and cuddled back into my warm blanket. 

"And it's been an hour and a half and Daniel stopped answering me. So, get up and get ready because we're going to Tate's party." She grabbed the corner of my blanket and ripped it off my body. 

"Holy shit!" I yelled as I flew from the bed and onto the floor. "Bitch..." She threw a pair of blue skinned jeans, a red ruffled lacy tank top, a ball of socks, and a matching set of undergarments.

I groaned as I pushed myself off the black carpets I had installed a month earlier for my birthday. 

I crumpled everything in a ball and retreats across the hall to the bathroom. "Where are we going anyway?" 

"Tate Michigan's party. He's parents, oblivious as always, left him alone for the weekend again and he plans on having a party everynight. He's parties are insane." She said from the other side of the door as I took off my clothes and undergarments, sliding on the new clothes I opened the door. 

She threw her big make bag in my face, "at least mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss please." I shook my head and smiled. "Fine, I'm gonna need a few minutes though." 

Drawing a straight line on the top and bottom of my eye, coating my eyelashes in mascara, I glossed my lips as I walked back into my room. Her huge make up bag loose in my fingertips. "Do I absolutely have to go?"

"Yes, or I will drag you there Mica." I groaned, and threw myself onto my bed. "No! Up, we're leaving as soon as Daniel gets here!" She yelled and dragged me onto my feet.

I grabbed my phone off my charger next to my bed and shove it in my pocket. A honk blew from outside, this Is gonna be fun. NOT.

Dakota smiled, grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the house. Both my parents work at night so they were already gone and would be until tomorrow morning at 8 am. 

The house was packed, people spilling into the front and back yard. Looks like the whole school is here. ALmost everyone had a red cup-alcohol of course-grasped in their fingers.

Something about this party just didn't sit right with me.

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