American idiot

About a girl name Lucy. She's goth. She hates everything but 5sos. She love Michael only. Only knows the song American idiot. She ends up Fallin for Luke bc he is goth.


4. 😍4😍

"Girls your next" the guard said. I said in a sarcastic way, " hooray finally meeting 5 sauce". Then I realize there's this hunk of goth with purpleish hair. Wow , I wonder if he's Calum, Luke or Ashton.

What a babe. Tattoos everywhere, places I want to get to. He gave me a lick on the cheek. I felt like we just had air sex.

"What's your name", he asked me. " Lucy my name is lucy". I could tell Jenna was jealous. " hi my name is Jenna I'm 16". Manny answers Jenna. "Hi Jenna I'm Michael..", then he said, " wanna go out".

😡hold up



I'm not mad.

I found out goth boys name. Luke.

We are going out.

As Jenna would say"you're ship name is Luke, hahaha ha giggle".

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