American idiot

About a girl name Lucy. She's goth. She hates everything but 5sos. She love Michael only. Only knows the song American idiot. She ends up Fallin for Luke bc he is goth.


3. 😁3😁

Today Jenna and I are going to 5sos concert and meet and greet. Jenna looked like a white bitch walking next to me. She brought a sign saying,"keep c.alum a.shton l.uke and m.ichael".

I did not get it.

The line took 4 Eva. I swear I wanted to leave. All these gross girls screaming and crying it's like shut up. I'm only here to listen American idiot and see Michael Clayford.

I am at my seat and it is so close to the stage. I'm kinda nervous even though I never get nervous. WHATS HAPPENING TO ME!!

I've been here for an hour and 5 minutes of spring did not play American idiot. It's break and Jenna is going to get me a lemonade because I don't feel like getting up. It's 10:32 and they just played single ladies. The vampires just walked past us. Girls are so over dramatic.

" this lemonade taste like it came from a churro stand". " cause it did. The lemonade stand wants 5 bucks for this like serious. You got a good deal $1.50". " Jenna just get me a churro". "So that means I have to go back?". Sometimes she gives me a headache.

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