American idiot

About a girl name Lucy. She's goth. She hates everything but 5sos. She love Michael only. Only knows the song American idiot. She ends up Fallin for Luke bc he is goth.


2. 🎢2🎢

I'm done with this crap. I'm going to dye my hair. Nobody is going to stop me. Then I get a dumb text from my mom. Every daughter wants to go out and get a text from her mom.

Mom: where are you?

Me:hair salon

Mom: doing what?

What else are you suppose to do at a hair salon shop? Gosh she's a dumbass

Me: gettin my hair done

Mom: how?

Why does she have to put a period after every sentence. If she was this smart she would've got into college or a university.

Me: well mom, I'm gunna sit on a chair until she calls my name then she going to call my name I going to tell her what color I want my hair then she'll do it

Mom: who is she

I ignored her for 5 seconds then this is what happens


Mom:who is she

Mom:come home

I'm doomed

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