harry potters secrect book one part2

this is part two of harry potters secrect lets continue.What awaits for liily at her jorney at hogwarts?


2. really confused.

So im told im a witch and now im told i have a diffrent last name?!I'm really confused.I was really happy Tess and Thomas were in my house though!After the feast we headed up to are rooms.Yes! me and Tess were roomed together along with addalyn. She had long brown hair and brown eyes.She also had a pet owl named Paige.Me her and tess talked as we unpacked.I learned that her dad was a wizard and her mom was a muggel."Who are your parents?" asked Addalyn."I was addopted."I repleyed.I mean i guss it isn't a total lie right?We finished unpacking and we went to bed.i couldn't fall asleep,I was worried what people would think of me.I mean not to many people hair is just natruly blue.I finally fell asleep after awhile.


Arthours note:

Hey I hope you guys like it so far!Im looking for editors.Also I do not own the character Addalyn,she was made up by Harry Potter Gang for thr character contest.I will try to use all of them!Sorry for the short chapter its midnight and i cant type a lot becouse it makes to much noise(my familly are light sleepers)Longer chapter next time!

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