harry potters secrect book one part2

this is part two of harry potters secrect lets continue.What awaits for liily at her jorney at hogwarts?


3. first day

Lilly:have you guys seen Rachel shes been gone for a while...

Thomas: She probley left us....

Tess:Thomas stop being so neagitive

Harrypotter495: No im here!

Lilly:WERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harrypotter495:I know im sorry i made it onto travel basketball and it took up all of my time im back for good this time i promise!


Chapter 3

first day

(Oh and when u see I it means lilly)I woke up the next morning excited to start my first day at Hogwarts. Addalyn had already gone downstairs to breakfeast,"Lilly your not alowed to wear headbands of stuff like that durn classes.but I have a idea"whispered Tess.

"Ok,go ahead"I whispered back.We both went into the bathroom joined to our room and Tess bobby pined a piece of my hair over my scare,then made them look like bangs."Tess, you are the best!"I said then pulled her into a hug."I know!,come on Thomas is waiting for us!"Tess said back.We went into the common room where Thomas waited for us."good  job covering your scare up.But what are you going to write as your last name on pappers?"Thomas qustioned. Me and Tess stoped walking and lokked at eachother."Dont tell me you dint think of that!"Thomas said well hitting his head."well not exaclty"mumbeled Tess."How about Everdeen,it's what my last name was durn the sorting,so it would seem leat suspisous"I jumped in,they both noded their heads in agrement."What would i do without you guys?"I laughed as we walked to breafeast."reveal your self" said Thomas. We all laughed as we walked to breakfeast.




Harrypotter495:part 2 comeing soon,oh tess could you say your line please?

Tess:shure,HarryPotter495  doesn't own Harry Potter Just Her Ideas

Harrypotter495:Thanks Tess!

Thomas:Why can't i say it!

Harrypotter495: You know i could just make you disapper from the story...

Thomas:Great job Tess!

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