Luke or ashton


2. oh no

Okay I have to do a kiss followed by a kiss again- I had to check with Calum. God damn I've only known him for 6 hours and I hate him

So I walked over to Ashton and gave him a quick snog but there was that feeling that I had with Luke when I kissed him also.

Oh no! I can't be falling for two guys from the same band at the same time . It just can't be possible. This was going to be a very long awkward tour .

I sat back down next to Luke and hugged my legs close. "Hey you okay?" Luke whispered to me. I just nodded trying to collect my thoughts and sort my feelings out. I was failing though. The. Then the bottle was spun again. This time it landed on Calum. I decided to make him kiss someone. That someone was Michael. Calum groaned in despair but stood up and walked next to him. I saw him give Michael an apologetic look then next thing I knew Calum had given Michael a quick peck on the cheek. Everyone laughed so hard that we had tears falling from our eyes. That was the funniest sight ever. Then soon the game became boring so we just sat back down on the seats. Me in between Luke and Ashton.

I couldn't help noticing that they were both giving each other death glares. I swear to god if looks could kill then both boys would be dead right now.

I was so bored I drifted off to sleep. Next thing I knew I was being picked up bridal style and I opened my eyes to see I was being carried by Luke.

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