Luke or ashton


1. Meeting 5SOS

The day I won the competition and was told I were going on tour with 5SOS I practically fainted with happiness.

Hi my name is Alisha. I'm 17, brown eyed, dark brown hair and live in a mansion in Sydney. I know 5SOS but not that well so when I won the competition, where you had to send in a story including 5SOS themselves I found an opportunity to get close to them.

The day I found out I won I packed 4 suitcases and headed downstairs where a limo was waiting to drop me off to the airport. When I arrived at the airport 5SOS were there waiting for me. They wanted to keep me company on the plane. So they decided to come meet me. Which was very sweet of them . All of the band members were there. Luke with his gorgeous hair, Calum with his awesome fashion sense, Ashton with his adorable accent and Michael with his bright and multicoloured hair. They all greeted me with a kiss on my cheek and two of the boys wolf whistled, Luke and Ashton then Michael and Calum did the same.

We boarded the the private jet together and played truth dare or kiss with a bottle so if the open end of the bottle landed on you and the wide end if bottle landed on someone else you had to let someone choose either a dare truth or kiss. Basically Ashton and Luke made the game up in the kitchen. When the bottle landed on me, the opposite side of the bottle landed on Luke. I gulped.

"Calum can you choose for me please ?" I asked. I knew he would say something atrocious.

" Okay Alisha you have to KISS Luke" Calum grinned evilly. Oh I was so going to get him back afterwards

I made my way over to Luke and said "here goes" and we kissed. It was sensational. Once we took a step back from each other we knew we had a special connection. I never felt this way about any other guy before.

Then the bottle was spun again and it landed on Ashton and... Me. What was I going to do?

If you want me to carry on comment below plz thx guys x

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