Why ?


1. flash back

Stevie pov*

I was meeting 5 seconds of summer....I still can't believe it , I won tickets of the Elvis Duran radio show and tonight was the night I was getting to hangout with them

I looked at myself one more time in the mirror to check out my outfit

Red and black flannel

Black skinny jeans

My blue 5sos shirt

And my black vans

After checking my outfit I grabbed my purse and security pass and car keys and drove to the hotel

Skip drive *

I was at the hotel and security helped me get up to guys room and let me in

"Hey I'm Stevie the contest winner " I said to the guys , I was so nervous and shaking a little but I hid it

"Hey I'm calum, it's nice to meet u Stevie ...." Cal said looking for my last name

"Jackston" I said , I know weird name right

"Nice to meet u Stevie jackston , this is Ashton , and the two idiots playing video games on the couch are Mikey and Luke " calum said as soon as Ashton engulfed me in a hug

"Hi I'm ash , it's nice to meet such a pretty girl like u , it's nice change from these weirdos " ash said making me laugh

"I win Mikey pay up " Luke said holding out his hand

"Not right now we have a guest , hi I'm Michael " mike said hugging me

"Nice to meet u too , I'm Stevie " I said a little nervous , Mikey is my guitar idol I mean have u seen him shred?

"Luke , get it arse over here and say hi to Stevie " ash said to Luke

"Hi" he said still sitting on the couch playing with his phone

"Ok then .." I said following the guys over to the lounge

"Luke that was rude , u shouldn't treat a lady like that " cal said to Luke who just rolled his eyes

"Look Luke it's fine if u have a problem with me , but don't act like a dick " I said and they all looked at me shocked that a girl like me said such a thing , god girls can swear too and I do a lot

"Good , I don't like u because it just another fan who will use us to get some where " he spat in my face

"Ok if u feel that way then I'll leave " I said grabbing my stuff

"No, look Luke obviously doesn't want to hangout with u but we do how about we get some food and go ....bowling?"

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