Why ?


2. 2 years later

Stevie pov * 2years later

"No Lacey I'm not bringing u to a 12 pm meet and greet after the concert and I'm not taking u to the concert! " I yelled at my little sister

"Please Stevie !!!!! Mom won't let me go without. U taking me " she pleased again

"U 2 stop fighting , Stevie , take Lacey to the concert thingy and I'll pay u 100 bucks ok ?" My mom said

"I would but I'm working " I said , I was actually working at a pizzeria around the corner from the arena

"I called ur boss and u can leave from there so the concert but then u have to cover the concert rush after wards " my mom said

"Fine I'll go " I said

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU " Lacey said hugging the life out of me

Day of the concert *

I was driving to the concert of the guys I used to be crazy about, yeah I still like their music but Luke put in my head how they thought of me , I never told Lacey because she needs some thing good in her life , I mean our dad used to beat us and then got arrested for murder of our brother...... I should stop thinking of this

"I can't believe I'm going to meet 5sos!!" Lacey shouted

"Wouldn't it be cool if they remembered u?" Lacey asked

"Yeah I guess" I replied laughing a little

Skip ride*

When me and Lacey got to the concert we found our seats which little did I know were floor seats!!!!!!

The guys came out and said hi and started to play , when they came out to the stage I knew they all reignited me by how they looked at me

Skip concert*

Me and Lacey were now waiting for the guys to come out to the meet and greet and we stayed behind so that we could talk to them at the end

When we finally go to the front I was bear hugged by mike, ash, and cal "WE KNEW IT WAS U STEVIE !!" they all said

"Nice to see u guys again , I took my little sister tonight , this is Lacey and she really wants a photo , and we have to get going , I got to work " I said

"Ok sweet cheeks let's get a couple of photos for the pretty lady " ash said , ash was Lacey's favorite

"Cheese" I said taking photos with her and each of them seperatly and then all together and the photo with ash I told him that she like him the most and he kissed her cheek and her face lit up !

"Alright guys thx , but now I have to go do the evening pizza rush , there always is after a big concert " I said hugging them and Luke went to hug me but I shoved him off

"Maybe we should get pizza lads , be there in a little Stevie " Mikey shouted

This should be fun ............


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