Secrets and Lies

Sydnee, Noelle, Sophia and Chelsea. 4 best friends with the same secret that just keeps getting bigger.
With crumbling relationships and the stresses of being a teenager, will this secret remain a secret or will a web of lies hide it for as long as it possibly can?
(Just a forewarning, this story may drag on for loads and loads of chapters or the chapters will be really long so sorry for impatient readers:) )


14. Tests and Teenage Parenthood

As the girls final exam ended and yet were waddling to the back of the room the pregnant girls were put in to sit their exams, Chelsea suddenly felt a sharp pain in her stomach, causing we to wince in pain and for Miss Scott, the supervising teacher to be concerned. As she took a seat and Noelle, Sophia and Sydnee crowded round her, Chelsea came to te realisation that her waters had just broke 2 weeks early as her blue denim shorts darkened. 

"It's to early!" She screamed before a contraction came along. "It's ok Chels. The ambulance is on it's way and I've got Noelle to call your parents and Sophia to find Aidan for you." Miss Scott said, sitting with Chelsea to try and help her through the pain. 

As Chelsea and Aidan climbed into the ambulance, it set in stone that they were about to become parents and had to make Aubree their main priority. Her parents were already in the hospital with a change of clothes and baby outfits and before Chelsea knew it, Aubree Madelyn Hall had arrived on 19th June weighing a whopping 9lbs, 8oz. With one of the girls having to face up to responsibility now, what would the remaining three feel with just weeks left of their own pregnancies. 

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