Secrets and Lies

Sydnee, Noelle, Sophia and Chelsea. 4 best friends with the same secret that just keeps getting bigger.
With crumbling relationships and the stresses of being a teenager, will this secret remain a secret or will a web of lies hide it for as long as it possibly can?
(Just a forewarning, this story may drag on for loads and loads of chapters or the chapters will be really long so sorry for impatient readers:) )


2. Noelle

I'm Noelle Johnson. I was born on New Year's Eve 1998 to my single mom, Kim and a dad I've never actually met but my mom and I don't mention him. I have a 8 year old sister, Arianna and she's the reason that my boyfriend, Chris' devout catholic parents hate me. 

I met Chris when we were 13 and we've been together since he asked me out a few weeks after we met but his parents, James and Mary have never approved off me because Ari has a different dad and all his siblings aren't half brothers or sisters like my Ari. 

Although our relationship is under strain because of his parent disapproval, were making it work and enjoying being kids together whilst we still can. 

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