Secrets and Lies

Sydnee, Noelle, Sophia and Chelsea. 4 best friends with the same secret that just keeps getting bigger.
With crumbling relationships and the stresses of being a teenager, will this secret remain a secret or will a web of lies hide it for as long as it possibly can?
(Just a forewarning, this story may drag on for loads and loads of chapters or the chapters will be really long so sorry for impatient readers:) )


5. Morning mishaps

It was a normal Friday morning for the normal Vermillion teenagers, Sydnee, Noelle, Sophia and Chelsea. Up as soon as the iPhone alarms chimed from 6:30 to 8am, in the shower, fixing there completely different hairstyles, applying the same old makeup and pulling on the perfect last day of school for winter outfit before eating breakfast and either meeting in the middle or being driven individually. 

For Sydnee, it was up at 7:00, showering and drying her long, sleek, black hair and putting it into a fishtail braid, putting on some old jeans and a long sleeve tee with a checked shirt on top, painting on a small amount of makeup to live up to her strict fathers standards and eating breakfast and being driven to school as a family and the same for Chelsea but with small differences including outfit and hair and makeup time as it was important to her!  

For Noelle, she was up at 8:00, left her blond curls down but sprayed some dry shampoo in it, wore a old black shirt and some black jeans but hiding the shirt with a pink Hollister hoodie and hiding her embarrassing sock covered shoes with some boots before eating breakfast with her mom quickly and heading out with Chris to school. 

For Sophia it was a quick shower at 7:30 and a rapid breakfast after, pulling on whatever was about and sticking her hair in a messy bun before applying some makeup in the car and meeting everyone at school. 

"So Sydnee, remember Mylah's graduation today. Meet you at 4 outside school." Georgio DeMarco said. "Yea dad." She sighed.

"Soph, you wanna go out for dinner tonight?" Carlos asked his girlfriend. "Yea sure." She said, sighing also.

"Let me guess, Aidan again." Chelsea's Father said as she glumly sat at the table with him.  "He's being such a jerk but I can't let him go." She sighed. 

"Noelle! Hurry up or you'll be late again! Chris will be here any minute!" Kim Johnson shouted. "God mom give me a minute! It takes a while to look this glam!" Noelle shouted at her mother before wincing as she had stomach pains once again. Just the usual stresses for them. 

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